Beef Broth

Beef Broth

I can easily find chicken or vegetable broth, but not beef broth.
Even beef bouillon would be fine.

For a long time, beef broth was impossible for me to find, too. I finally found beef bouillon here in Taoyuan, at a store called 全國食材廣場: It’s a baking/cooking supply store with a nice selection of imported ingredients. Local foreigners refer to it as “the yellow store.”

If you’re ever in Taoyuan, the address is 桃園市大有路85號 (Taoyuan City, Da You Rd. #85) [Google Maps]

Thank you! I guess I need to make a quick trip to Taoyuan.

Here’s what I bought there: Maggi 美極鮮牛粉 měi jí xiān niú fěn.

I bought my can probably a year ago so you may want to call them first to make sure they still have it before you make a trip.

beef bones and fatty cheap steak or tendon: nick some from the hotpot all-you-can-eat store next time you’re there. Boil in a big pot of salted water with perhaps some garlic and onion, or leeks, or those ends of some tsong you’d just throw out anyway, then freeze in small portions.

I found some bouillon cubes at a DIY store about a year ago. I bought 10 packages and put them in the freezer. I only go to the No. 4 park store in Jonghe, 台北縣中和宜安街118巷14號, 02-8660-889, and the one in Banciao just off Jongshan Rd. so it must have been one of those. A search for DIY baking stores should turn up locations and phone numbers. I think the bigger ones would all have it. If you have somebody that can make a call for you, it should be pretty easy to find.