Beef rice returns to Yoshinoya!

It’s not the most delicious food out there mind you, but it was a pleasant sustenance for a bachelor in Taipei until they stopped serving it due to the US beef embargo. When the beef rice was gone, I stopped going to Yoshinoya altogether. The salmon, pork and chicken just didn’t cut it. The other day I saw a banner outside one of the stores advertising the return of the beef rice, and sure enough, I had it today at the store down the street. Just as good as I remembered it. The only thing missing still is the raw eggs they used to have on their menu. Nothing beats stirring a raw egg into a piping hot bowl of beef rice and turn it all gooey–yummy!

I lived there for a few years…mmmm, good to be po’ :slight_smile:

My reaction when I first went to Yoshinoya last fall after years away from Taiwan was, “Where’s the beef?” :slight_smile:

Why couldn’t they use Aussie or Argentinian beef? Anyway, I’m thrilled the beef is back!

you guys actually like that stuff???

yikes!! I think it tastes so @#(*)@#(* :raspberry:

It was the best thing they had; I’m glad it’s back.

Any word on when Subway will get US beef back on its subs? I never liked the Aussie stuff.