Beer Alert & Directory IV

Liuqiu island beer 5% tastes like water comes with a map.

Did you drink it at the brewpub?
This the island off Kaohsiung coast? If so, I totally missed seeing that there.

“Tastes like water”… I’m taking you mean that as a negative, right? Hard to see how that’d be a positive. Cool map though.

2 new beers by Buckskin: Märzen (like Oktoberfest beer) and Pilsner (only at 7-11)

I live the Märzen (strong taste), hate the Pilsner (too bitter).

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Had some Windhoeks the other night, SA’s finest. Nice lager, reminded me of Pilsner Urquel

yeah, I’ve found non-Czech pilsners either really good to drink or a waste of money on awful taste, no in-between.

I really need to have another go at my friend for coming up with that Buckskin name . What was he thinking ? :laughing:

Best guess: Beer - Bavaria - Lederhosen - Buckskin. Still, weird.

The name is as bad as the beer, good thinking.

Not fond of Super Bock. It also seems overpriced.

Yeah, that beer really isn’t very good.

Buckskin has a beer bar in Xinyi. I definitely won’t go for the beer but might try the food.

Buckskin Beerhouse 松仁店
No. 91號, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

Somebody on here went, they said the food was worse than the beer.

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I walked past there yesterday. Kept walking.

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Somebody on here went, they said the food was worse than the beer.

Is that even possible?

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Beef in ale pie?

I took a photo of the entrance when I walked past it.



Must be terrible food then.

Indeed. ridiculously pricey as well, IIRC.
As you would expect for that location.

Mentions Jim & Dad’s in Yilan, Taihu, Taiwan Head Brewers, Zhangmen, Formosa Brewing.

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