Beer Alert & Directory IV


I think there are even a couple German posters who don’t seem to like any bitterness at all in their beer. :idunno:

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Yep, guilty as charged. South Germans mostly I guess. In the north they have tons of quite bitter Pils beers: Jever, Bitburger,…

Never would have guessed. If you like PU they have little promotional PU coolers for sale stuffed with 4-packs at Carrefour.

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Had some more Asahi Dry Black with 小籠包 and really enjoyed it. It’s just a good compliment for food and that is probably the intent. Maybe not so great alone.

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Let’s just throw something into a can and name it after a baseball team. It’s called Super Clear but by another description, light and watery. And that’s okay sometimes maybe if it’s hot and sweaty and watching a baseball game.

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What is this bastardized New Zealand, Tokyo, Taiwan thing? Not great.

I got the real thing. Carrefour. 79 nt, I believe. Very much enjoying it.

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Bitter brews are the best. But then again I love nothing more than an ultra dank Double IPA… the kind that are sadly almost impossible to find here (Ballast Point is okay, I guess).

They call it a Pilsner but it does not look like a Pilsner nor taste like a Pilsner. Tastes like a hoppy IPA.

You sure they gave you the right beer?

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Ya, and they would not let me pay for it after I mentioned my analysis of this beer situation.

Wow, I’m going to go drink 5 of them


:rofl: Yeah I guess I should have had two or three more.

All the summer imports are 40% off at Family Mart. And this for single purchases (not that buy one get the second for a discount crap).


Great, good to know. Thanks!

By the way, stay away from the Taiwan Beer “Free” 0% “beer flavored beverage”. It’s… shite.

Oh, and the Kölsch is on sale for ~170NT at PX mart for a while already, not sure how long still.


I didn’t need that warning because there’s no way in hell I would ever drink that.

But…I talked to someone in the US recently on a visit. He drinks waaaaay too much beer. Everyday. For hours and hours. I told him he should have some rest days mixed in and he told me he did this in the past by getting this kind of stuff. So maybe there’s a place for non-alcoholic beer.


7-Eleven LINE ad promotibg second can of Buckskin Pilsner for additional NT$10. nice on a hot day.

You made my eyes bleed. NSFW



Oh for sure there’s a place for non-alcoholic beer. There is even one in Taiwan that I like. Just… Not this TTL one.