Beer Alert & Directory IV

I hope you’ve left a few.

I didn’t go, decided I just couldn’t afford to spend the money. No job, tuition of NT53,000 plus coming up - I have to be content with cheaper beer. :frowning:

major bummer

at least you can still cry into your (cheaper) beer??

that’s too bad. The best deal they have is buy one case (24 cans) of taiwan dark beer 7%, get one free for NT $ 450. Now thats cheap!

I finally managed to get to a Carrefour and try some of those Saranac brews. I tried the pale ale, lager and Bavarian. The ale and the Bavarian lager were outstanding! I would have bought more, but I bought the last 8 bottles. Looks like I’ll have to expand my Carrefour perimeter!

Just a short reminder for those of you who love a great US craft beer…

Bao Brothers Trading imports American craft beers of distinction. Our current beers include:

Anchor Steam, Liberty Ale and Anchor Porter - NT$2000
Anchor’s Old Foghorn Barleywine Ale - NEW! - NT$2400
Rogue Dead Guy Ale and American Amber - NT$2200

All prices include delivery.

Anchor Steam - Sort of half lager/half ale, 40 IBUs of hops give it some great flavor. Pair it with lighter fare - seafood, soups, salads, burgers… San Francisco’s favorite beer.

Liberty Ale - America’s original pale ale. 45 IBU’s of hops, you can taste the citrusy notes, almost flowery due to the dry hopping. Seafoods, spicy, grilled, burgers are great pairings.

Porter - Starts out coffee, ends up with subtle caramel-like sweetness. Goes with steak, oysters, heavier fare. Another American classic from San Francisco.

Old Foghorn Barleywine Ale- Triple mash of hops give it strong flavors and at 9% it puts a smile on you fast. Goes with heavier fares, strong cheeses, some chocolatey desserts.

Rogue Dead Guy - Maibock-style, with malty sweetness. Goes with burgers & sanies, grilled foods. 2008 World Beer Championships Gold Medal winner. Rogue is a multiple-award winning brewery located in Oregon, the center of the US’s craft beer brewing.

Rogue American Amber - Classic of US amber style. Great amber color. Taste both the malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness in the same beer. 2007 Gold Medal winner. Meats, grilled, burgers, etc.

If your local pub or favorite restaurant does not have any of these, ask them to contact me.

Feel free to give us a ring yourself for home delivery! Thanks for your support!


Came across TAIWAN BEER (with the yellow and green label in a six pack glass bottles) at 99 market for 6.99 / six pack plus bottle charge. Havent had this stuff in 11 years. Forgot to drink some last year on a visit.

Used to be Taiwan beer only came in the bottles in one style and cans in the other. Now theres several bottled styles I think? Dont know what style this is but its good but not quite the taste i was used to. NO “skunk” in it at all. Is it a special brew for export?

99 Ranch in Richmond has been selling bottles of Taiwan Beer for years.

well i dont hang in richmond. may as well be a furrin country to me :slight_smile:

now they got a 99 rancheru in concord , its in my turf.

The flyer from Jason’s says they have specials on:

Tooheys $65
Boags $69
Tui $59
Monteith’s (7 kinds) $69

Only a notice not an endorsement.

I just had a very good beer indeed. A surprising find in 橡木桶 (Drinks). The branch between Jingmei and Wanlong. Islay Ales Finlaggan Ale. 170NT, but worth it.

I just picked up a case of Valentins Weißbier (a German wheat beer) at the Zhonghe Costco. I think it was 799NT for 20 x 500ml bottles. It went fantastic with hamburgers and steak last night. By far the best beer value I’ve ever found in Taiwan.

Now in stock at 7-Eleven: Samuel Adams Boston Lager. NT$59 a bottle.

That’s a fine ale. i thought it had been taken off the shelves. Are they being sold in all 7 - 11s, or just some selected ones?

Couldn’t say. I just saw it in my local one this lunchtime.

I’ll have to swing by the gentleman’s lounge later. They should have them.

Family Mart seem to be offering two 500ml cans of the silver Asahi Super Dry for 99NTD. Rather good value, IMO.

Sorry to be pedantic, but, its a LAGER, not an ALE.

I’ve been getting the Old Speckled Hen draught cans from Jason’s and City Super. It’s an excellent ale.

If you like that, you may want to try Abbott’s ale and London Pride, if they have it. The Abott’s may come in cans, the Pride more likely in bottles. Carnegies has both and they are both fine brews, imho, as of cours is Old Speckled Hen.