Beer Alert & Directory IV


I will raid the local sevens.


May I ask which Kaiserdom variety do they stock?


Want a locally made craft beer? Try 23 Brewing Companies #1 Pale Ale. On Tap at Little London, Revolver, Mayan Grill XInyi, Beer and Cheese Social House. Available in bottles in Taipei at Green Hornet, Hammer, Prozac Balcony, Revolver, Beer and Cheese Social House. In Taichung at Gonghai, Changex, Smith & Lo, Fingas, Pizza Rock, Bellings, Bystro, 51酒窖Wine & Spirits Shop, Phills Grills, and Britannia Bistro. In Hualien at Salt Lick and at Scubar in Fulong.

Let us know what you think. Cheers.


I found a treasure trough of Jagermeister in Taiwan… anyone remember how much it cost for those little shot bottles… so I know if its a steal or not.
I figure a shot of yeager is $5-4 bucks, right?


Checking it out just came across a pretty cool site

Looks like $700 or a bit more for a fifth at the Taipei locations mentioned


The Japanese fall beers in the big can at 7 are both good as usual. Suntory one is fairly more of a toasted malt I’d say. Pretty good character both of them


So good I went out and got some more. Still good


Just thought I’d post up to say that Derek over at GoWest is offering a prize draw for some free ‘Halloween themed’ beers plus glassware:

[ul][]Hobgoblin Ruby Pale Ale (5.2%)[/]
[]Scarecrow Golden Pale Ale (4.7%)[/]
[]Ginger Beard Beer Alc (4.2%)[/]
[]Iron Maiden’s TROOPER Beer Alc 4.7%[/][/ul]

Head over to and like/share the post to be entered into the draw - the winner will be announced on 30th October so get in before then!

And maybe like the page while you’re at it, he’s working hard to bring us island folk some of the best British beer around!


I’m now sort of helping out Derek over at GoWest with some odds and ends, so wanted to shamelessly plug his new Christmas Special Case!

9 british beers and 3 british ciders, free glassware and free delivery island wide! If you know someone whose craving some great ales and ciders this Christmas, it makes a great gift pack, head over to for more details!


Hi all, we’re back once again to let you know that if you missed out on the Christmas special case, or you loved it so much and want some more, now’s your chance!

For all of February, you can order GoWest’s promo Chinese New Year case: 6 of the very best British beers and ciders (2 of each kind, 12 in total) PLUS 2 free glasses and free delivery island wide! Contact us via our website or official Facebook page for more details and prices! :smiley:


Why don’t you just post your prices?
I went to your FB site and it says to contact you for prices.
Nobody wants to do that.


Frustratingly for us, selling alcohol online in Taiwan is illegal. Whether or not you can display prices online is very much a grey area.

Experience tells us when in Taiwan its better to be on the safe side, rather than the wrong side, of the law.

To that end we simply advertise the products here for you all and hope that those of you who are interested in our Great British beers and ciders can take a moment to contact us for details. Cheers!


Ah, interesting.
Thanks for the explanation!


Came across some attractive white and red cans of Zywiec at Quanlian. Motto: “Brewed only in Zywiec.” Had to get a couple and pretty glad I did. Tasty light lager.


Your beer radar is broken, friend. Those have been there for years.


At Quanlian? Wouldn’t be surprised–I seldom go into one. They go down good cold.


Yeppers. I think it’s a passable mild lager. And yes, it’s cool to think that the marketing bit about being produced in Poland might actually be true.


TG, and fellow beer lovers, I found this Czech beer at Wellcome tonight: Apparently, it’s the “original” Budweiser.

It is much better than Bud (still in the midst of a taste test, burp).


Beer updates:

Samuel Adams is now regularly available at Wellcome, or at least some Wellcomes. So in my opinion that’s a significant step up on what’s normally available in most supermarkets here.

Danshui Carrefour’s selection is currently very good: IPA and amber ale (and maybe blonde ale?) from Washington State’s Scuttlebutt brewing (450NT for a six-pack I believe); and a bunch of different kinds from Mexico’s Day of the Dead beer, currently on special for 55NT each (regular 65NT): Hefeweizen, porter, amber ale, blonde ale, pale ale, IPA I think. I have no idea what the quality is yet, it being still before noon with a lot of final term paper marking to do today, but the packaging is really cool. Plus, I believe until June 23, there’s a sale on lots of other beer too. I think they’re also selling stuff from a local microbrewery too - North Taiwan Brewery, or something like that? - which is a great omen for the future. However, the packaging is all in Chinese, and that fancy looking Mexican stuff was cheaper, and I couldn’t carry anymore, so I didn’t investigate much. Yet.


Derek at GoWest Enterprise has managed to get his hands on an iconic British Cider - Brothers Cider. To celebrate its launch here in Taiwan he’s doing a giveaway so I thought I would share the good news here!

All you have to do is like the official Brothers Taiwan Facebook page, and share the post that’s highlighted at the top of the wall. You’ll be in with a chance to win 6 bottles of Brothers Cider (your choice of flavours!), a Brothers Cider glass and an awesome Brothers Cider summer hat - a winner will be announced every week for the next 6 weeks!