Beer Alert & Directory IV


Tried the Hobcity “Hopbot IPA” and a Stone “Go To IPA”. Both at 7-11 with a “buy 3” special going on. Both were 437 ml tall boy cans. Hopbot was hoppier than the Stone and stronger at 7.1%. Can’t go wrong with either IMO.


I really like the Hopbot and Stone IPAs. I like almost any IPA. They’ve added a Japan IPL that I like,too. Here’s their beer menu:


Are we only reporting about 7-11 beers?

I went to Zhang Men Brewery, Breeze Song Gao location, last weekend with a few friends and it once again did not disappoint.

I’m still a sucker for that honey beer (number 15), make fun of you all you want, but I grew up reading Harry Potter and was always curious as to what honey beer tastes like. It’s awesome.

They recently rolled out a line of very low alcohol percentage beers, which were all labeled in pink on the menu. We ordered two of them with our sampler and realized they were simply a blonde type of beer.

They also have a location in Taichung for those of you who are not in Taipei!


Tried that IPL in Okinawa a couple months ago. I’m still partial to the IPAs.

I saw Family and Simple Mart posts, so thought I’d throw in what I saw at 7-11 recently. Also, not being in Taipei, it’s easier to just hit the Sev and grab a couple of pints. Still waiting for Costco to bring back their handcrafted ales…

Taiwan Beer has a honey beer.


Yes, they do. I’ve yet to try that. Might need, but whenever I go to the super market, I always hunt for 18 days.


I like 18 days. Costco Neihu has Ballast Point Grapefruit IPA and Stone IPA. They are 500-something a six pack. The 7-11 buy three for 77% deal is not bad for Stone.


It’s not very nice IMO. Tastes a bit chemical-ish; sweet and cloying.


I’ll refrain from buying a six pack of them then.


Hopbot isn’t one I will buy again. It was on special and I love IPAs, but not this one. I’m on a Jim &Dads kick right now.


Stopped in at the 恆春3000啤酒博物館 (the Brewseum) in Hengchun last weekend. A nice selection of craft beers. A impressive room to hang out and sample the beers but they don’t serve any food. The beer museum upstairs has some interesting items - not what you’d expect to find at the southern tip of Taiwan.


Whoa! Ive never heard of that place. On my list now.


I think there’s an International Beer Festival today at TAV Taipei Artist Village.


Visited the Zhang Men Brewery in Tainan. Didn’t realize they had a location there until this week. Large selection available and some very good craft ales and stouts. They also now have locations in Kaohsiung and Hong Kong.


wow. Never heard of them before. It’s just a pity they’re all miles away from me, but maybe I’ll head out to 永康街 sometime.


This really hit the spot. Almost perfect. Had it at a teppanyaki restaurant.


@marasan Taiwan Head Brewers is unique. I love their beers. Try the tea ales. Its hard to find, but on the back label, in hanzi, it says what kind of tea each one is made with. My faves are the asian beauty tea and the oolong. I belive those are tea ale #2 and #3. So much fun.



I can actually believe that works. Tea wine is pretty good.

Is it available in Taipei?


Its all over Taipei. I first tried it at my friend Aida’s place, Jap Jap Bikini next to main station. Be sure to drink it out if a glass. You lose a lot without the wonderful smell.

Their IPA is fabulous. $teep, but worth it.
Im sporting their tee today


Really? I wasn’t a fan of their tea ales. Actually, I don’ t think I’m a fan of tea ales. I remember trying A Tawain Head Brewers tea ale over at Way Home and just didn’t like it. I had a chat with the owner about which one to try and she suggested one with a higher alcohol content.

I also tried Ibi? Or was it Ibiki? At a cocktail bar in east district…also didn’t like it.

I’m not ready to give up on the idea. I’ll give tea ales one more try. Which one would you suggest? I’ll jot it down.


I didn’t see T-shirts for sale. I should have asked. Which store did you buy yours?