Beer Alert & Directory IV


Cool, haven’t seen that beer before. Looks like one of those Costco pizzas.


As good as Anchor Summer Wheat. Pizza from Pizza Hut. But I’m happy. My carb indulgence after great weight loss results.


I will have to try the Shore Breaks.

In a perfect world, this would be served up icy cold with every pizza ever served. Sadly unavailable in Taiwan.


Ha! Oskar Blues brewery is within walking distance of my current abode. 6 breweries in a two mile radius. I never did get into them though. Circle is my neighborhood brewery of choice. As much as I miss tw, there are advantages to being in N Austin.


Will give it a try. I’ve been hammering the Triples.


Was about to ask if you are in Colorado, home of Oskar Blues! But you probably would have had to double (or more) the number of breweries within a two mile radius.


I didn’t know they originated there. Their brewery here is quite big. I wonder if they only can certain ones here in Austin.
If there were twelve, beer-crawl days would kill me!


Will give that a try tonight. Need to call two old friends. It’s the only way we can have a drink together. Like the good old days, lots of cussing and making fun of each other (friends from when I was in my twenties).


6 breweries in a two mile radius. I would be very tempted to try to hit them all in one night. Six pack.


Yep, it started in a little mountain town called Lyons. Colorado is pretty insane for their beers.

With 348, Colorado is the state with the second-most breweries in the nation, behind only California, which has 687 total. That means Colorado has six breweries for every 100,000 residents.


The information comes from a new analysis by Datafiniti, an Austin, Texas-based online intelligent web data provider, which analyzed the latest data provided by the Boulder-based Brewers Association to find out which cities and states have the most breweries.


It’s a grand time to be alive.


Done it. The walking around helps


Has anyone tried that familymart brand stout? It’s pretty strong (8%?) and it almost tastes like someone poured hard alcohol into a stout but it’s less than 70ntd and gets the job done.


If you really want to get the job done, you can get two cans of 12% Burge Meester Extra Strong for the low low price of NT$85 at SimpleMart. They should call that beer Bargain Buzz.



These local chaps have a nice brew or two:

Their Bloom IPA is particularly tasty. It’s fresh, hoppy, citrusy and faithfully US-style, reminds me of some of the New Hampsire/Maine local IPAs.



That’s a pretty cool label.


Yup, they’ve got nice artwork, what drew me to them in the first place. Here’s one of their porters:


Very classy. Hope it tastes as good as it looks.


You can get the job done aboriginal style. 三合一


Aboriginal White Russian! The Dude would approve…