Beer Alert & Directory IV



Usually not a good idea to take craft beer close to 0C, but MLYP shines around that temperature. Great summer beer and a great beer with food, especially pizza. Lucky you.

Jesus. I am now literally drooling at the memory of the condensation on a can of MLYP.


I gotta try the Bloom IPA then. I love Smuttynose beers.


Maybe it’s you avatar, but I read MLP. :grin:


No no no, bojack from Netflix!


Shore Breaks are nice. Light


Still haven’t tried the Triples.


Bullshit beer at 7/11.

“The beer have scent of mellow wheat and Airy taste”

“It has been made in Japan unique technology”

Haven’t taken the time to read the Chinese or figure out if it’s really made in Japan or not.

Tastes like lightly salted water.


I kind of like the can, and who can argue with “mellow wheat”? OK, you talked me into trying it!


Love the tagline they went with because they couldn’t afford to hire a native English speaker but still wanted to print some cool English words. haha “It has been made in Japan unique technology” Maybe we can write them to update their tagline? Now, I’m wondering what the unique technology is…


iBeer? I checked, made in China. Misleading Chinglish.


The bad English is what makes the tagline effective. The worse the English, the more authentic the Japanese flavor.


Yes, iBeer. I thought China would be better at the English unless they have someone from Taiwan handling the Taiwan labeling.


Finally got around to the Triples. Not bad at all. And at 8.5%, this should be interesting. Sale now at SimpleMart.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beer company anywhere in the world use this type of label advertising.


When your beer is lame, and there are more and more better options available every day, you have to resort to creative advertising to stay relevant. Taiwan Beer had a monopoly for way to long, and now it’s starting to pay the price.


At a 7-11 in Hualien. Very nice Japanese brew.

edit: Ended up getting this too. My son sure knows how to catch his dad in a good mood.


Don’t lie, the beer was for your son and the Nerf gun for yourself.


Drinking and light beam targeting don’t mix!


Working on some Beer Leo now.


My hand and eye coordination seems fine after a couple.