Beer Alert & Directory IV


Fixed that for you.


What is it? Lager? You are brave my friend.


Yeah, just tell that to the nice police officer. :grin:


I believe so. A bit pricey at 99 NT. But it was on sale. I’ve found these specialty Japanese beers to be pretty decent.


Visited 23 Public Craft Beer last weekend and sampled their cucumber weisse-style beer. Usually don’t go for “creative” beers but this was very good - sour and refreshing at the same time. Great complement to chips or a pastrami sandwich.


At the U Town mall in Xizhi.


These may not qualify as beer, but they’re really refreshing on a hot day when maybe want something just below a beer. Low alcohol content but probably high sugar.


Girlfriend drinks those often…they are sugary af.


Here’s an article about some guys making a difference in Taiwan.


Impressive that those ‘real’ foreigners were able to do that here with very little help financially or marketing wise I’m sure.


Simple Mart cones through again. Very light taste. No bite. Nice Belgian brew. Exactly what I wanted, even with the cold temps.


23’s passionfruit sour is delicious!!


The cucumber one sure was sour, I’ll say that.


I am so confused by all the Beers here.


Having Red Labial with Vergina would definitely go to your head. I’ll pass on the Herpes though.


Hmmm, brings new meaning to the expression, " Giving someone Lip Service".


I found the cucumber to be a tad bland. However, the passion fruit was bursting with flavor.



A beautiful Sunday afternoon in the TX hill country. A high school bud is the brewmaster here. Seriously. I’m gonna be an intl beer rep. It’s in the stars. Hook me up people. I will market tw beer.


That flight looks delicious! Compliments to the kid!