Beer Alert & Directory IV


Has anyone had this? Is it good? Do you know where I can get it!


Did a google and it came back with that picture from that Facebook.
I don’t have Facebook, but I did copy/paste the label (below).
From Taichung. There’s a cell #, and you can order a case (24) for NT$2376 for NT$100 shipping.
All according to the label. I obviously have never heard/drank it, but it seems you may have.


It’s good IPA not overly hoppy. The bar that makes it has been around about 10 years right in the middle of Taichung. The name of the bar is Orgasmo but don’t let that throw you off. He has two places and they also sell it around the city.

No. 177, Zhongxing Street, West District, Taichung City, 403
04 2302 7077

Daytime opens here
Caowu Square
No. 534, Yingcai Road


Wow. That price (2376 + 100) is staggering. :eek:

Afraid that beer would have to taste great, do laundry, and clean the house before ima buyer.


That price is crazy. He personally sells bottles and on tap at prices comparable to other craft beer.


I’m still going. Beer excites me


Under instructions from my TCM doctor, I’m not to drink beer (or any other alcoholic beverage) for a couple months at least. I’m not taking the news well.


I keep reading news about researches that estate that alcohol is bad, no matter how little you drink… :frowning:


On alcohol being totally unhealthy: this Vox piece was OK …

… but I prefer this tweet storm that Vox links to:

Maybe I just prefer it because Vox tells me “nope, unsafe” (even though I read the data as saying under 7 drinks per week doesn’t seem to be a risk), whereas Prasad tells me “Eh, bullshit study, do what common sense tells you.”


You have my full sympathy. Get well soon. I might go for a second opinion there


On that Mental Healing Cardamom IPA: has anyone ever seen it for sale in Taipei? I’d like to give it a try. A while ago I sneered at the idea of anything being mixed into beer, but the Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin convinced me that other ingredients could be very good indeed.

And yeah, I wish the local stuff were cheaper, but I assume they’re pricing it at what they can. But so often I’ve gone to Carrefour, and I’d like to try the local stuff, but it’s 110 or more per bottle, and there’s some other interesting important that’s 80 or 60 … never mind the Costco Kirkland case.

Is there anywhere in Danshui with a selection of good craft brew stuff? Preferably but not necessarily on draft? Ideally with a view of the river?

EDIT: There’s Prost Bar on the waterfront, but it’s tiny and … I dunno. Not good for chilling with a book and a couple of bottles of beer through the afternoon.


She says my constitution is too 虛 at the moment, and that I’m to avoid alcohol, fruit, tomatoes and cabbage. Sounds like bullshit to me, but I’m going to give it a try anyway and see if there’s anything to it. Not sure how long I’ll be able to last though. :sweat:


You a TCM fan, or is it a last resort on a minor thing kind of thing?


Shee-it. A Taiwanese summer without alcohol or fruit … good luck.


Vague digestive issues that Western medicine doesn’t seem to have anything to say about, and this doctor came very highly recommended. I’ve had good experiences with acupuncture in the past, so I figure it’s worth a try. The dietary restrictions seem a little arbitrary, but maybe I need a little tough love?

Thanks. Luckily, I won’t be in Taiwan for the hottest part of the summer. :grin:


So the only thing you need to worry about is that you are visiting a Chinese medicine doctor. Period. Follow your instinc, that’s bullshit. Do NOT stop eating fruit, tomatoes and cabbage or you are going to became weak for sure. You immunity system needs vitamins and minerals.


Most doctors anywhere in the world just give you pills and wait for your organism to sort it out on its own. Here it’s even worse. The worst doctors I’ve seen in my life are TW, and I’m sure it wasn’t the language barrier.

I’ve had lots of stomach problems in the last years… one question: do you have a balanced diet? do you eat fruit and veggies every day? or do you follow the Taiwanese diet based on noodles and rice and some bits of vegetables soaked in sauce of undetermined origin plus always some chunks of pork fed with garbage?

Also, do you drink on a regular basis caffein and or alcohol?

Try to avoid caffein (coffee and tea), alcohol and processed food and sauces. Eat more vegetables and red meat and fish.


Had a bad sore throat once last year. My gf talked me into going to a local ‘clinic’. The guy looked down my throat and said he thinks it might be cancer. Me, I say WTF. I went to a hospital clinic and got a anti-biotic and prescription for ibuprofen. Lesson learned.


Still waiting for the summer set to come out at the Zhongli store. The winter set has been gone for a while now. :pray:


The Danshui Carrefour had a bunch of imported beer at its expiry date, discounted down to $50 or so. I’m fine for a bit. (The giant Costco bottle of Glenmorangie whiskey helps!)