Beer Alert & Directory IV


I haven’t visited Danshui for a long long while, and it’s a beautiful place especially good when you are thirsty for beer. Is the carrefour you said right beside road number 2?


Huh. Yes, it is. I didn’t even know that’s what that road was called …

But don’t expect a cornucopia of beer. They had about a dozen of the heavily discounted ones left, and I bought six of them. That was a few days ago.


Danshui looks like a shithole again :smiley:


I get what you’re saying, but I’m open to cutting out certain things for a while to see what happens. I eat a pretty healthy, balanced diet in general, and I’ll be sure to keep eating lots of vegetables.

I’ve actually had mostly good experiences with doctors in Taiwan, but I always try to find the ones with the best reputations.

I drink moderate amounts of beer, but lots of coffee. I’m cutting out beer for now (:disappointed_relieved:), and cutting down on the caffeine sounds like a good idea too. I already eat plenty of red meat and vegetables, but yeah, people tell me I should eat more fish. I’m not a fan of seafood at all, but I suppose I could hold my nose and eat a little fish.


Of course you had to be a Trump supporter… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, before stopping eating something healthy because somebody with a pendule and some magic stones says so, try to cut alcohol and caffeine. Try this for two or three weeks, and then come back.

It’s 250 NT.

EDIT: I know you are not a lazy and dirty bastard like me, but make sure to keep things like cutting boards, mugs/glasses/dishes, and cuttlery in general in good condition. Change water filters (if you have them) when it’s the time to do it. There might be some bacteria somewhere fuckin’ with you.


I might try this myself. It’ll be brutal though.


Once you do it and go to sleep early instead of debating about some online bullshit until 2 or 3 AM you will feel better :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if this was mentioned, but I passed by the Taiwan Beer Brewery on Ba De Rd. (in Taipei) yesterday and they had a huge ad it’s showing baby themed IPA, blond ale and I think 2-3 other kinds of beers, where Jolin used to be.

Just checked their FB and website and no information…yet?




I’ll check into that biergarten myself maybe in 2 days. See if they have it for sale inside. Interesting. Always thought that TTL would get into IPA sooner or later, given that it finally started making Weissbier a few years ago.


Probably should’ve re-wrote that. My English deteriorates a bit more everyday that I stay here.

Theme for the labeling is babies. Not…beer for babies.

That would be weird.


Certainly not an IPA. Something lighter and more accessible would be way more appropriate.


Last time I checked at the Taiwan beer factory beer garden, it was closed. Now they have a nighttime music bar in the back but you have to go around to the street behind

Super 346啤酒文創館
No. 1號, Yitong Street

Wrote about it here Taiwan Beer Bar Super 346 Live House


The one outside the TTL convenience store?
I’m talking about this one, photo below, at 54 Weishui Rd.


You can check. Think they closed but not confirmed.




Two big Urquell 500ml for NT$99 @ Family Mart.


Thanks for the heads up!


I’m intrigued


I’m Gruit.