Beer Alert & Directory IV


Everyone always says that and posts some weird ent-thing meme but I have no idea why


His name is Groot, and that’s the only thing he knows how to say. Haven’t you seen Guardians of the Galaxy?


Apparently not! I’m not much of a movie guy. Should I?


Guardians is one of the few “adult cartoons” actually worth watching…highly recommended. If nothing else, it may help you understand why @Rocket has such a big bug up his butt.


Oh, is that the movie with that raccoon thing?


Slow on the uptake, but you’re finally catching on. :grin: Now do yourself the favor and watch the damn movie. If it’s too embarrassing, just watch it with TG junior.


I’ll thank you to kindly keep my butt out of your mouth…


Its a good movie -what am I saying- its a great movie


How did Rocket’s butt end up in the beer directory. Geez. I can’t go anywhere. This is my fave thread too.


what? I thought your favourite thread was “Why so much repression?”… :frowning:


What? I’ve never been in that room :innocent:




Really enjoying the Czech beer. A bit bitter, but less so on the second one. Bought at Chuan Lien for about the same price.

Love the pouring instructions.


Not much for fancy beers meself, but an icy cold Urquell can really hit the spot at sundown on a brutally hot Taipei day, for suuure…


Enjoying the Urquell tall boys too, thanks for the heads up.


I’m going to check right now if they have that in the family mart next to my place. It was horrible to get home after a weekend in the mountain and deal with the 33ºC in the room.


Cooling in the fridge as we speak.


I get the desire to do that, but how do you fit yourself in?!


It’s a tight squeeze, but it’s a double-wide, and there’s only me and the beer in there at the moment. :sunglasses:


Easy enough with the shelving out, but my wifi doesn’t work for anything in there. What do you have a new Japanese one or something