Beer Alert & Directory IV


OK, Urquell is helping a bit with the heat.


Yeah where are the damned plum rains? This is a disaster of the first order.


Been making some real reductions since then and I have to say I feel better.


And I’ve been drinking more coffee than what it’s normal for me, but the level of shit conversations and amount of sleep remains more or less the same. :frowning:


Nice Spanish brew. Simple Mart for a simple man (cue the Lynrd Skynrd tune).


What’s that? I can’t recognize nor fully read the name…


Also, is that ice?


Burgemeester, thats Flemish


Burge Meester. Another no-name beer at Simple Mart that’s pretty decent.

And yes, ice! I’m starting to like it that way.


The label is so small. Thought it was from Spain. “西班牙”


Actually you are right, it is brewed in Spain.

Confusing cause Burgemeester is a Dutch/Flemish word


It is from Spain. But what is it again?


It’s one of those dodgy European beers at Simple Mart.
They seem to enjoy fucking with people having ‘Belgian’ beers from Spain and ‘German’ beers from Holland.
None are any brand that I recognize.

Some are drinkable, some not. All cheap though .

I’m off to hunt down some genuine Czech Pils thanks for the heads up!


There’s a thread about this topic:


featuring the german beer from holland and all


Liars. I just went thru two Family Marts, 1 Chuan Lien , 1 SimpleMart and no Urquell Pils to be found.
Or else one of you got to them first !
(This would be a big trek anywhere else but it only took me about 10 mins).

Instead I’ve ended up with 3 burgemesters direct from Spain for 63 NTD. The first one is drinkable although it may actually get better with ice. As for the claim that its a Pils, nah.


If the cost of 3 beers is 63 nt, I will run to Family Mart right now even if they are coming from that dirty country you said.


You will need to lower yourself to Simple Mart.

Simple standards, simple man, simple beer. It’s the simple life. Burp.


The Family Mart near me is still fully stocked.


Darn it. Knew I didn’t live in a good neighbourhood.