Beer Alert & Directory IV


weird weird beer…


Jever. I thought this was a decent pils. Might belong in the is this famous thread.


Looks like coconut water to me…


Wut? You found Jever in Taiwan? Where?


I found it too. Don’t remember if I liked it or not. Is it actually famous?


carrefour hualien has it


Pretty sure no bubbles=no beer
Seriously, you might have been cheated, try for a refund

If all else fails, consider fire bombing the seller


by bojack’s reaction I’d say it might be


I’ve had it in the States, and it was better than ok. Meaning it might be fantastic here.

I’ll leave ranking to the Germans, though.


I think my sample might have been a little flat, lacking bubbles. It was one of the times where I didn’t check the date and after I realized it was a bit old. i’ll buy another. The flavor was good though.


That actually isnt beer, its a ‘urotherapy’ product


Yeah, I’ve had plenty of that over in Germany. Usually with a kebab. Quite like it.


Cool. Is it something considered “good” or perhaps “cheap”?


That explains many things.


Ice in beer??? So Taiwanese!


beer with ice=ok maybe
glenmorangie lasanta 12 with ice=don’t do it again
milk with ice=have you tried it? it’s good.


It’s quite a while since I’ve had it, I’ve only been to Germany twice in the last few years, but my recollection is that it was one of the cheaper beers. I first remember drinking it as a 16 year old on holiday from the UK with some friends, so I’m guessing I would have gone with the cheaper things available :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, a cheaper German beer is still preferable to many other things available.


You saw the Glenmorangie with ice? I tried to be sophisticated and add only a few drops of water to my scotch, but it just didn’t work for me. If it’s any consolation, I pour in only a little at a time, I use a good scotch glass, and I drink quickly before things get too watered down.

Haven’t tried the milk with ice. It sounds so wrong.


One of the nice things about drinking shit-cheap whikkey is that you can ice it down when the weather hets up (i.e. now) without feeling guilty.
And yeah, I been icing my milk for years

ETA: Even so, I’m only pouring out the hootch and icing it about an ounce and a half at a time. I’m not an animal. OK, I’m an animal, but I’m not, like Australian or anything…


Ha, I was kidding about the whisky. In fact last night I used 12yr Grouse to make a New York Sour. Talk about destroying a decent scotch.

I haven’t poured beer over ice, but will try it.