Beer Alert & Directory IV


Guinness and lobster.


Is that by 101? Outside the movie theater place?


If that is the Vieshow place, a review would be appreciated! Taiwan + fast food + lobster seems like a bad idea, but I’d be happy to be told I’m wrong.


龍波斯特 龍蝦三明治 / 龍蝦堡 -信義威秀店 Lobster.foods

The lobster sandwich is OK. Nothing special.




That’s what she said.


It’s unlikely that “thin” would appear in the same sentence as my name. A more likely sentence would be, “Get off me, I can’t breathe!”


You need to get over to that keto diet thread then! But if you’re not joking, something can be done about it. I’ll be doing a triathlon again with newbies (we’re making a relay team). One still smokes, another just quit. I love motivating others to get their butts moving. And triathlons can be much fun if you’re just out there to finish the race. Very doable at Olympic and sprint distances. And getting back to the topic, beer is almost always offered at the finish line (so there, mods!).


Thanks for the concern, but I’m just “big boned.” :grin:

In any case, you wouldn’t catch me running outdoors in the heat of a Taiwan summer. That’s just insane.


You could cycle or swim. These are relays. And the point is motivation. Trust me, there’s nothing like the motivation of having an upcoming race. If I’m honest, I don’t enjoy many aspects of races, but there’s no other way I could be so motivated (if you think it’s hard in summer, it’s harder to get your butt out there in the winter). And nothing like the taste of beer bought at Family Mart after a hard workout. (mods? good enough?)


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Your thread is not here, Mrs. Torrance…


I’m going to change my avatar.




That’s extremely poor technique. None of the beer is going in her mouth!



It’s a chin rinsing competition.


Maybe she just likes it on her face.


Or maybe she’s just so drunk she can’t aim properly anymore.


Nah, I like it on her face.

Damn, I was going to buy some good beer in a super market and then I realized that I have lots of tea and spices at home… and that I’m really fat (for my own standards).

I will stick to tea for the next hours.


That’s like some Sideshow Bob hair on that beer.