Beer Alert & Directory IV


Vodka soda, zero carbs.


Alcohol makes you fat! Or we’ve been told so for decades.

Anyway, I’m enjoying my own Mad Masala oolong tea recipe, which this time has on it cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom. So bad that I had to add a bit of sugar…


My sincere condolences.


I actually plan to do a lot of cycling while I summer in Oregon. This will be done, of course, out of sheer necessity, to counteract the effects of all the craft beer I also plan on drinking while I’m there (obligatory beer tie-in).


Here comes the makers of Kavalan whisky into the local beer fray.
Look for pricing competition in the local micro/macro-brews.
Good for us consumers.

Kind of a strange name (Buckskin??!!) to pick, though, for firm branding.
‘buckskin’ is leather made from the hide of a deer.

To make real German-style beer, Georg Rittmayer, whose family has been in the brewing business in Germany since 1422, was hired as chief consultant of the brewing team.


Ohhhhh. That’s why I’m seeing it EVERYWHERE.


“Buckskin” with German folk dancing. It’s like the opposite of a local craft beer image.



Reminds me of this one.


Another one about beer:


I probably posted this before but never gets old


I picked this up for 60-80NT from Carrefour not too long ago and was a bit hesitant about trying it for a bit. However, it was hot enough and I was thirsty enough from my ride last night and I popped the cap.

Despite it not tasting like anything too special, it still is quite refreshing.


Pop up Moose Nation beer stand at Xinyi Mitsukoshi A8 ground level.

What is Moose Nation?!


Might be Canadian craft beer.


It appears to be a bar in Taipei that serves draft beer.


Realized this was a 4 pack and not the price for a single can. Not too hoppy but very tasty, especially considering the price. Found it at Carrefour.


Very average. Not impressed. Good but with the choices these days, nothing special.


Sad they’ve gone the incredibly hackneyed lager and wheat beer route. I suppose they’ll have a dark beer soon.


I really like wheat beer, but they all taste about the same. Yeah, they should have gone with another taste for their first beers.


Then take advantage and buy the cheap one. :slight_smile: