Beer Alert & Directory IV


@mad_masala It’s a local brewery. It came straight from Yilan to my house


That’s terrible! It means they bottles are not the right ones for whatever the product is. I’m working on a beer bottle sourcing project at the moment and I’m learning that beer bottles need to handle a high pressure (in bars) that can be tested. They need to know about that.


Can also happen if they’re primed with too much sugar. Even with proper bottles.


I’ve lived that during kombucha bottling. I once had a glass shard imbed in solid wood across the room. That’s lethal force. I’ve since learned to only use heavy-duty flip-top bottles. Carbonation control is the hardest part of brewing for me.
And I have someone notifying them for me.
Edit: Jim (of Jim & Dads) already responded. Damn that’s dedication.


How many free beers are sending now?


Free six-pack and another when they start brewing the kumquat IPA again next summer. Score!


Share them with the people who supported you online in this thread!


Better go visit the brewery and ask.


I have been to their brewery place in I-Lan. Like their beer a lot.
Am worried about this.
Shall I provide a 7-11 address for them to deliver a 6-pack to alleviate these worries? :sunglasses:


Jim was very gracious. He’s likely pulling the whole lot.
I’m drinking one now.
Mmmm mosaic hops
I’m probably gonna go over there. I need to visit a waterfall and I’d like to meet him. Remember, I’m trying to weasel my way into being an int’l beer rep one day.
OR, maybe I should try and market my hopped kombucha here. Hmmm…


Bree you got any kombucha source in Taiwan?


No, hence the biz idea. I’m sure scoby could be ordered or shipped from home. It’s quite prolific.


Please do, I’d be first in line. Love me some kombucha.


I drank a friend’s brew of kombucha a week ago and I have to say that while I don’t think that it healths shit (people claim it heals AIDS! xD), I kinda liked it. Wouldn’t mind to have that and kefir at home.


If you ever get to hang out in Pai in Thailand there’s a shit load of good kombucha available there. I don’t know if it’s healthy I just know it gives me a hell of a buzz and doesn’t seem to have any ill effects.


The Tokyo Dry Steinlager (500cc) at 7-11 (brewed in New Zealand) is very good. Part of the “buy 3, get 23% off” deal for the next month or so.
Finishing it off now as the sun goes down in the south.


Carrefour has some 33cl cans from Spain that are worth trying guys. Please try the “doble malta” and especially the “Maestra”. Nice stuff.


It’s been a long time since I’ve had this beer. Family Mart. About 220 for three.


@mad_masala @the_bear
I found someone in tpe with scoby to spare if either of you are interested.


Friend from England sent this. Naughty.

Suns out, Germans are out and Maradonna’s half dead… If Carlsberg did Wednesday’s