Beer Alert & Directory IV


I’m too much of a spazz to make it myself…


7-11 has a fantastic selection this summer. Carrefour’s pulled out all the stops. We’re being spoilt.


I’m not a fan of IPAs, and related to this, to a bitter taste. I went to 7-11 yesterday. I couldn’t tell if what was on offer was that extreme bitter stuff. In the end, I went next door to the Family Mart and got the Big Wave by Kona Brewing Co. stuff again. Does anybody have recommendations for the 7-11 beers?


I like the Moretti, but it has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Maybe the Cruzcampo might suit you taste?


Maybe I’ll give it a try. My limited experience with Spanish (and also Italian) beers is that they’re good but not anything special. But the 7-11 beers won’t last forever so maybe I need to start experimenting a bit.


Try all of them and tell me which ones you liked :smiley:

this reminds me I need to go to Carrefour and provision myself with enough material for the whole summer.


As I noted above, the Tokyo Dry Steinlager brewed in NZ is very good.
I bought it at 7-11 along with the Cruzcampo, which tasted awful, sorry.


Wow. I know it’s been said already, but get thee to Carrefour. I may never have seen such a big selection of different beer in this country. And that’s even at the Danshui branch.


I’m going to family mart! I also saw an ad for citisuper for kona brewing too.


As KHHville pointed out, the Tokyo Dry Steinlager is very good. Buy 3 and you get 23% off (if memory serves). NT$89 per 500ml can otherwise. Very good lager, I thought.

Had a can of the Lancaster Bomber last night. Bog standard British brown ale, but I thought it was very good.

Love seeing the Stone IPA there as well, even at NT$125 per 435ml can. I don’t drink much beer these days, but every now and then I do love me a hop monster American pale ale. Nice to know that if I want, I can just amble over to 7-11 and put some Americana straight down the gullet.


For those out there who count calories when drinking, Family Mart LINE has 2 Heineken Light for NTD 59 for next three days.


Hey, thanks for the heads up. I might be interested, but after reading the time needed for brewing a batch with scoby, I would prefer to buy some kombucha tea and try to make my own culture with the scuby that would come in it.

I even considered to try to make scuby, I knew it was a symbiosis of a yeast and a yogurt bacteria… but it turns out that they are very specific strains, or it seems so. So fuck it.

Maybe your friend ot you can give me more details, and I can give it a shot, dunno. I like to play in the kitchen haha.


Beautiful blue afternoon skies here, dry and 31C.
I think I’ll just have another…


A mediocre Belgian beer, reminds me of Taiwan Classic, kind of has that musty stale industrial flavor to it.


No need to apologise. The main problem is almost all the non-bitter beers are owned by the same company. They’re basically all Heineken hybrids to some degree.

Having said that, I had several pints of Heineken in Amsterdam once and they were outstanding. My tastebuds may have been in a heightened sense of awareness, to be fair.


Seeing even something okayish like Stone IPA at my local 7/11 made me giddy. Finally some (relative) quality in Taiwan! Plus Family Mart has some interesting Aussie brews.


Stone IPA is really good.


It’s good. But I’ve had much better IPAs in the states. Not trying to sound like a snob, just imho.

Anyway, it’s like an oasis of quality in the beer desert known as Taiwan.


Indeed. However, just think about the beer selection we had in Taiwan 10 years ago. We’re very lucky boys and girls right now.


I’m actually having a Stone now to celebrate the end of the semester. :blush: Have you finished your classes, BD?

I also bought this interesting brew yesterday that I’ve yet to try.