Beer Alert & Directory IV


Don’t get your hopes up


Uh oh. Well, hopefully the buzz from the Stone will carry me through a disappointing follow-up.


I use Untapped to read reviews before I buy. It’s also my personal log of what I’ve had and what I thought if it. I also follow fellow Taipei beer enthusiasts that share my taste so that I can see what they are drinking


I used to check when I was in the states. Once I came to Taiwan I figured why bother, since it was all Heineken and Taiwan Beer. :pensive: Hopefully 7/11 keeps stocking these import IPAs and we aren’t all crying into our Heineken tallboys when they “mysteriously” disappear from store shelves in 6 months.


That one is >7% ABV if I remember correctly. Borderline too much alcohol for me … but I am curious!


Taiwan is no desert. There is fantastic bear everywhere. I’ve drunk myself stoopid since ive been here. A budget… that’s a different matter.


A disappointing follow-through should be more of a worry, which could well occur after a few IPAs.


Passed by a Carrefour today only to wee that the Spanish beers aren’t on promotion anymore… Hopefully bi can find them cheap in some other.

Cruzcampo is water, i forgot to mention that.


So it seems :slight_smile: Any unicorns yet, or just bears?

I’m halfway down a Lancaster Bomber from 7-11. It’s OK. Carrefour is selling Piraat for the same price; I’d rather have had another one of them.


Fucking alcoholics you all


Costco craft beers are back! This time around its IPA, APA, Session IPA, and a Pilsner. At 999 NT, it’s still a bargain for a case! Just over 41 NT per bottle.


Don’t think I’ve seen this beer in Taiwan yet.


I bought some too !, but maybe not brewed on the Big Island (KONA) but on the mainland.


Big Wave Golden Ale beers really are special, particularly for those of us that like something lighter. I’m going to try those Tokyo beers tonight that everyone is raving about.


Congratulations to the Englanders, the first English Trappist Beer is a fact. There are now officially 12 Trappist breweries worldwide.

Tynt Meadow English Trappist Ale.

I hope to get some in the future.


Have you tried the Massachusetts trappist ale, Spencer? Pretty good. There’s been some around these parts


And it should be on sale in the pants section, because you piss your pants due to just being colored water. I wonder how people can get drunk drinking ‘light’ beer? I ask myself why do people drink light beer? And why do breweries actually make light beer?


Not yet, but I want to know where I can get it.


They had it at the Hammer in Yonghe, not sure if they still do.


you drink enough of any 4+% alcohol beer and you’ll get sauced.
Why they drink light beer? Aside from cheap price, because they are drinking in quantities, they want to keep their 46" waist pants, ha ha.