Beer Alert & Directory IV


That’s pretty low alcohol, and you don’t need quantity, you need quality and at least over 6%. But not exceeding 12%.


I need more than one.


We all agree on that.
Not everyone in the world can enjoy, nor have access to, cheap quality beer.


That stuff is aimed at schoolkids.

I disagree about the 12%. Samichlaus is a very good beer, and after half a bottle you’ll be giggling like Kim Jong-Un getting his missile polished.

Only available seasonally; City Super usually stock it.


Wow, thanks for the image. :dizzy_face:


Not all but many beers over 12% losing the ‘balance’ and alcohol gets overpowering.


Wouldn’t recommend it. Not bad but definitely nothing special. Around 250 NT for three (regular size). Wanted to get those Tokyo beers but they were out of them at this 7.


Cruzcampo Pilsen (red) was very nice. Has a little more malt than most German pilsners, might taste just a tad sweet if I had a few more. Just a hint of hops, very mild.

Based on a sample size of one 500ml can (from 7-11), Cruzcampo Pilsen is to Pilsner Urquell what Coopers Original Pale Ale is to Samuel Adams Boston Ale.


From 全家 LINE deal, second one only NTD 10.
Total for two NTD 75. Deal good for three days.
Store clerk said someone cleared out a bunch of them. Two were left for me.


This is the grossest beer I’ve ever heard of. It’ll become clear about 20 seconds into the video. Would any of you drink it?


I thought that had to be a joke, but apparently not. No way I’m drinking some Czech model’s yeast infection. :confounded:


When you drink the beer, you not only drink her… you drink every man and woman she’s ever been with.


If she wants me to drink her, she’s gonna have to drink me too. I mean, it’s only fair, right?


Ximending Jolly. I still really enjoy their stuff. Weizen and pale ale.


I would understand a yogurt made like that… but a beer?


WTF. That’s either a massive troll, or it’s the Japanese again.


It’s no trolling. It’s real. They had a GoFundMe or KickStarter, and now they have their own website and do shipping (and before anyone asks, NO I have not tried it). They’re also not Japanese. They’re from some Central or Eastern European country. Maybe Czech, like the model? I really don’t want to go to their website again to confirm.



The phrase “gagging for it” springs to mind.

Seriously, you can sell absolutely anything on the internet. It’s only a matter of time before someone sets up a service for pickling your beloved pet’s last turd as a memento.

Please don’t google that and tell me it’s already out there.


Don’t know about that, but there are companies that will make a bronze or copper cast mold of your baby’s first turd.


That’s not the Order of Trappist monks!