Beer Alert & Directory IV


Never? You probably have, you just don’t realize it!


Odd location. Are they independent and surviving?


They have two locations. I don’t go there often any more but both places seem to be packed every time. They give you just a two hour slot for your reservation on weekends, for example.


Looks like your kombucha is right on the crest of the next big wave in hipster America.

From 10 Trendy Foods You’ll Soon Be Seeing Everywhere.

ok, it’s a little breathless but-

Boozy kombucha:
Kombucha is great, but wouldn’t it be even better if it could get you drunk? Now, it can! The fermented tea drink has a tiny amount of alcohol in it, but some kombucha companies are upping the alcohol by volume (ABV). Wild Tonic’s Jun Kombucha is fermented until it reaches a 5.6 percent ABV, making it slightly boozier than beer, which averages 4.5 percent. The company says you still get the digestive health benefits of a nonalcoholic kombucha. It comes in several flavors: blueberry basil, tropical turmeric, raspberry goji rose, mango ginger and hoppy buzz. Another new beverage isn’t technically kombucha, but it’s going after the same health-conscious drinker. Willie’s Superbrew makes a fermented fruit drink with a 4.5 ABV. The company touts its superfoods ingredients — the two flavors are ginger and lemon, and pomegranate and acai — and it’s the kind of light, fruity drink that would be good next to a pool on a hot summer’s day.


It’s fun to make and experiment with fruits and spices. Lower in calorie than (good) beer too.


Stopped by this place today in Nantou County. Elaborate displays on the brewing process and a great space to have a few beers. Tasted the Gentlemen IPA, Oatmeal Stout and Wee Heavy Ale.




The IPA was solid and nicely hoppy. The stout had a very nice flavour but was a little light for my taste. The ale was strong (7.7%) but a bit sweet


For those looking for places to get draft beer: 23 Brew Co. has a page listing places that serve their product. Useful at least for me, because it’s the first time I’ve learned about places in Danshui that serve draft beer I’d like to drink. Not that I’ve even looked in a couple of years.

Looking at that map: I’ve long known that living in Danshui saves me a fortune on restaurant bills, because there just aren’t that many places where I want to spend money out here. I now realize it’s the same for beer.


Not too impressed. Good but lacking that something special.


Ah, the metallic taste of aluminium in yer beer . I prefer chromium myself gives my teeth a nice shine.


Tonight I will be drinking .

Typhoon Beer. Always good.


This one was nice but didn’t last much. Strangely carbonated and lighter than expected.


Thing is, I can get the off flavor from the bottles too, but it’s not consistent. Tonight is Taiwan Classic in can and it is fine.


At Taroko Park near the airport.
Love Taiwan…can walk around with a beer in hand in a nice mall with A/C and not care about a thing


India PA, not Indian PA - but I quibble.

So how was it?


London room temperature.
Not bad.
The lady pourer said it’s brewed in Hsinchu.


I’m impressed with the draft beer tap facing the main floor in the middle of Taipei main train station. Grab a beer, sit on the floor. Good in any weather!!!


How much a serving?

I searched on internet.
Mr. Monster Beer. NTD 120 & 150 and then 30% off second round.


Can also grab at can at 7/11 for $35 and sit on floor.