Beer Alert & Directory IV


Drinking it at family mart.


Price war. Some show discounts, some are reduced price.


Nothing wrong with this beer. Ima have 1 or 3 to try and forget about dismemberments.


I bought that Kirland stuff when I was in the US. Not bad. They had a variety pack.


I can’t remember one time when I didn’t want to finish a beer. Now I’m stuck with five more than I don’t want to finish.


Ha! And those aren’t cheap, either. I tried one. Okay, but nothing special.


Can I sell this 6 pack less 1 can on Ruten? Or what’s the best website for shitty beer resale?


Our street friends would appreciate it


Third one still disgusting. I’ll be glad when they are gone. The quicker the better.


I just heard that Crafthouse is shutting down. :sob:


Double :sob::sob:


I tried their wheat and their lager and I wouldn’t buy Buckskin again.

Though I still often torture myself with Taiwan Classic. Not sure why.


Get yourself a beer bong and send em on down


TGIF @ Gloria Outlets, all day, every day, buy 2, get 1 free. Sam Adams and some others on tap.



Come on, man, the People need to know…does it taste more of the deerskin or horse foot??


I"m going with tastes like deer foreskin, not that I have any idea what that tastes like.


TIL I recently met a gentlemen whose company has been providing ingredients to beer companies in Asia for over 30 years.

He suggested to avoid drinking beer brewed in China, even if it’s a well known brand like Budweiser or whatever. He said even well-known companies use substandard ingredients for their beers.

I’ve always thought well known brands of shampoo and toothpaste and things do the same thing he said yeah it’s mostly true.


Why don’t you mix them with lemon or lemon soda?


FamilyMart LINE saying Pilsner Urquell 500cc can, buy one and second one only NT$10. very good deal until 23:59 of Sept. 2.