Beer Alert & Directory IV


@tango42 posted about this just upthread. And I see beer in my future.

My local FM is surrounded by legions of engineers who, based on the dozens I see jogging/running on the streets around here at 9pm each evening, have experience working/studying outside Taiwan. That means I’m going to have to craft a strategic buying plan for PU, or face the inevitable stockout.


the one downside i have on FM is that not all branches ‘carry’ these good deals. sometimes I’ll have to hit a 4th one before finding that it carries inventory of that specific beer


My local FM participated in the Pilsner Urquell promotion earlier this summer. I’m assuming they will participate this time, too, but thanks that’s a good point. I’ll have to swing by to verify.


Second beer half price happy hour 5 to 7 Monday through Friday. Personally, I don’t care for Taihu beers.

啜飲室 Landmark (Craft Beer Taproom 精釀啤酒專賣店) No. 68, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi District

NT$200 for 1 glass about the size of one swallow.


The deal goes for the Coronados too. Those are damn tasty.


Made in Taiwan?



Good deal, they’re NT$42 per normally


I wouldn’t touch it “even” if brewed in Taiwan…



Doesn’t seem as bitter or watery as Taiwan beer.


It’s a perfectly good commercial 4.7 pale lager.

The original brewery was built and launched by Germans in Shandong Province, with a German brewmeisters and German recipes.

It’s made with mostly wheat, not all rice, like TW beer.


Last time I had Tsingtao I wasn’t too into it but I am looking for a new go-to cheap beer so it’s back on the list.

I like the bitter taste in taiwan classic but it often has an overwhelming industrial taste to it as well that I am just sick of.


Has anyone been to the Redpoint Taproom? I was waiting for a bus this morning and just noticed it on Fuxing.


Who is Redpoint? I doubt they will survive in that location. Not much else does. Even the late night popular eating spots are disappearing. The location is inevitably a slow death.


It is so crazy good!


Ha! I think Redpoint is my least favorite of all tw microbrews.
But 23 isn’t bad
Neither is 55 or Taihu.
I’d go there to drink all the beers that they have that aren’t redpoint.


I thought so too, but they have really done this place right. Big space and clean. Great food and also happy hour pricing. I’m an IPA fan and I also like Taihu and 23.


It looks nice. It’s always a bit frustrating how the bars cluster in a such a small area in Taipei city though.



At first glance, I thought his tat read ‘笨蛋‘

Edit: Sorry if that’s you by the way