Beer Alert & Directory IV


No Haha !! But I do live in Taichung :slightly_smiling_face:


Some new (?) Taiwanese beers from a “Brewseum”, last week in Carrefour Neihu. Discounted from over 100 to I think around 75. Still lots for 0.33, so I was wondering how they are.

First three that I tried:

Kenting Hoppy Lager: Probably OK taste, but absolutely undrinkable from the can. So extreme carbonation that you basically only drink foam.

South Gate Schwarzbier: Again super strong carbonation, so I tried pouring it into a glass. Lo and behold, it’s a good German style black beer, quite alike to the famous Köstritzer. Unfortunately, after a minute or so there was virtually no carbonation left, leaving the rest stale.

Lou Shan Fen Doppelbock: Finally a beer drinkable from the can. A bit smokey but unmistakably Doppelbock taste. Good! My only complaint is again carbonation: Rather weak from the very beginning, getting almost stale after a few minutes in the can. Still drinkable, but could be much better.

Mt. Dajian Belgian Tripel: TBD

Sequalu Saison: TBD

So far I would say absolutely not worth the money, but nice cans for the collection. They have a few more styles, for example some British ones, but I guess I’ll pass on these.


Tried that one now. Again, drinkable from the can, and wow - this one finally held sufficient carbonation to the last sip. The taste was very good actually, very alike to the Belgian’s very own Tripels. Best one so far.

But… why not just get the cheaper Belgian originals, since they are so readily available in Taiwan?


The little green cans of 18 day old Taiwan beer are good.


Currently at Jason’s

Not overpowering or sweet. Just the right hint of citrus.

Anyone know if there’s any pumpkin beers out there? It’s the one month of the year it’s acceptable to drink.


Redpoint has Das Pumpkin. Not bad at all.


Just a brief heads-up: the ShiLin branch of Carrefour is doing a stock clearance of a brand called “Mac’s” at NT$38/bottle, which appears to be from NZ. I bought a bottle of their “Gold all malt lager” and it’s not a bad brew: bland and drinkable, as lagers generally are IMO. They also had (I think) an IPA and something else lager-ish. Nothing special, but well worth NT$38 if you happen to be passing by.


Got mah pumpkin beer. It looks like a crap Japanese novelty… not exactly a seasonal New England craft brew. But I’ll keep an open mind and report back if it’s any good.


Never mind. It’s terrible. I regret buying 2.


Pumpkin beer is evidently really hard to do well. I’ve had lots of crappy pumpkin beers, never a really good one.


just buy pumpkin spice and sprinkle on top of your normal beer’s foam. probably does the same trick


It took you a half hour to drink?


I’m at home doing chores at the same time, so I kind of milk it. And I wasn’t exactly excited to finish this one after the first sip.


There’s some good ones in the US, especially in New England. I’m not saying I could drink it year round, but I’ve definitely had some great pumpkin brews.


I got a bad cold a couple weeks ago. I lost some weight that I didn’t want to lose. I’m back to beer drinking to gain it back. I’ve been drinking scotch and bourbon lately for the low carbs (actually zero carbs with these). It’s nice to get a belly full of suds again! Just thought I would report that.


Oh yeah! Scotch and bourbon, all the way! I’m glad that I’m not the only one enthusiastic about those two great beverages.


Or just piss in your beer.
It’s free, too.:+1:


I like it all! But I made the switch 100% lately for weight loss. It worked. But with that cold, I dipped a little more than I wanted. Actually, I couple of glasses of scotch or bourbon followed by a beer or two (in that order) is something I like as well! (Okay, cue the Thoroughgood song.)



Even better.