Beer Alert & Directory IV


Is there a consensus over Buckskin’s beer? I’ve tried it a few times and I think it’s not bad at all, I’d gladly take that over other “mainstream” Taiwanese beers.


Two varieties, right? The lager seemed very average and the hefeweizen seemed just like another (they are all similar to me). They should have went with an ale with a distinctive taste. I prefer 18 days to Buckskin. By far.


I haven’t tried the Buckskin yet, but maybe it’s time. The lager, anyway.


You’ve got to try it because of Kavalan, curiosity, etc., but really just buy one.


Buckskin is okay. Nothing special if it were a western country, but here it’s fine.


Probably not much chance, either, of going into the bar here and cracking up your buddies by ordering “Foreskin” and laughing like a fucking donkey because you think it makes you Chris fucking Rock while the bartender rolls her eyes in disgusted loathing because you’re the 10th a-hole to make that joke since she came on shift at 5.
Probably not.


Dark or light?


Terrible, was my experience.


I’ve been buying this one recently. I notice the price is cheaper than last year.


I think it’s pretty bad personally.
I wouldn’t drink it again and I’d even drink Bar beer again. Tastes like left over stuff from the whiskey distillery :smile:.


Those are big words. That stuff is terrible!


Would you go as far as saying even the dreaded Heineken is preferable?


I thought it was not bad, but I’m not a big fan of IPAs. Very good flavors, only if the bitterness could be toned down a bit. But then it wouldn’t be an IPA, I guess.


I go through phases. Last year was Belgians


As long as you don’t slip into teetotalism, it’s all good.


I do that every once in a while. otherwise, I don’t enjoy the beer as much. better when you take a break.


Looks interesting. Has anyone tried it? What’s the verdict?


I quite like it. If it was a choice between that or Heineken, I’d buy Bar.

Edit: no, that’s not quite right. If someone else had bought them, I’d drink the Bar.


Good, I like my beer cold.


4.3% extra drinkability? WTF?