Beer Alert & Directory IV


means you can drink more and get drunk at slower rate. lol


I guess they left off the “S” at the beginning.


This place near Taipei main train station is pretty proud they have a hundred different kinds of bottled craft beer. Not really that bar type atmosphere. And there’s no Japanese or bikinis.

No. 72-26, Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road,


Costco. Only for Christmas. A case of German beers. I love my wife!


Those should help you lose weight just in time for Christmas dinner. :wink:


Actually bringing the case to a Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner party this Saturday. So I’ll probably only drink one or two. May have to get another case if the one or two are as good as I’m anticipating.


Hengchun 3000 Brewseum beers, all varieties, on special for $69 at Carrefour Danshui (normally $130). I assume all branches have the same price. I don’t think they’re worth $130, but at $69, you may as well grab one of each and see what you think.


But Aida is super cute. She’s from HK and one the first friend I made in tw. Spend your money there! Oh and she can cook too


Oh I met her yes she’s very cute and friendly and happy.


I’m not desperate but I’m not stupid either and I see good chances when they come. Got any pictures?


I had one of those at a KO-rean restaurant. No Orion, but it hit the spot pretty good. Not sure if it was just cold or, indeed, Extra Cold, tho’.


Oh. and once again, TTL is a major aggressor in The War On Happy Birthday Baby Jesus…


Yeah, but I’m in it, so… nope


Paint, use Paint.


Zhongli Coscto has some of their “Craft Brewed Ales & Lagers” on sale. The cases with the best before date next month are only 800 NT! That’s just over 33 NT/bottle!

FYI, they’ll probably sell what’s left in stock before the winter set is out. Per the past couple of years, there could be some time before the new ones arrive.

Didn’t see these at the Zhongli store.


Good article on my pal Aida


set up a Hooters-style bar, but couldn’t find the girls.


" I hired a few models on opening night and they were in vests and hot pants. I had never seen so many middle-aged lechers in one room before. And they didn’t spend any money!”


Lessons for anyone considering opening services business.

“The Taiwanese are supposed to be very friendly. But they are extremely demanding and will really yell at you if they are unhappy with the service. The contractors quoted much higher prices than they would to a local. And spending power here is low because average salaries are low,” Lai says.

But the most difficult part is staffing."


Shit I should’ve gotten that. Talk about missing the boat.