Beer Alert & Directory V - Roaring 20s edition

Both were visually hazy :person_shrugging:t2: Is there an additional beerological meaning to the word?
The west coast tasted more robust, fuller, compared to the “juicy” one on the right which was fruitier.
If anything I would say the “tropical” is the wrong word to describe it

IMO west coast should be crisp and forward in bitter hops typically of the American variety something like centennial or cascade with a hint of citrus. Whereas a hazy IPA is more forward in the citrus and less bitter which is why they’re usually described as juicy/tropical.

This has to do with the fermentation process. West Coast would add more hops to the boil for the bitterness. And hazy IPAs may not add so much to the boil but more to primary fermentation which gives it the cloudy appearance. Sounds like they’re trying to combine the styles. Hazy IPAs are difficult to get right. Haven’t found one that is memorable yet in Taiwan including the one you tried.

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Wait… what’s wrong with that? :grin:

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Looking for a store selling English beer. Any recommendations in Taipei?

Get lucky with this Korean Netflix Chill surprisingly ok tasting amber Vienna lager.

At Mia C’bon supermarkets.

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I’ve seen it in a couple of 7-11 stores too, like the one on Heping Dong Lu opposite James Joyce/Tea Bar.

Haven’t bought it yet though, mostly because it seemed overpriced for how it looked (I think NT$129 or something) and I thought it was too gimmicky.


Did not know regular Coors was still available. Thought it was all Coors Lite.

Certainly appears similar to the Coors Light Silver Bullet can. Must be purposeful marketing.

Taiwan Beer Black Beer.
Smooth. Sweet(ish). Mild.