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I like a bit of Bush now and then too, though I usually prefer something smoother. :blush: Anyone know of a shop that sells a good variety of beers? Nothing against Taiwan Bilu but a can of McEwans 90/- wouldn’t go wrong now and then.

That Belgian stuff is crap – pure poison. Tastes just like the stuff the alkys drink – Tennents Super Lager, Carlsberg Special Brew, etc.

If you want to get high, its much cheaper and quicker to just mix some shoe polish with methylated spirit. Tastes about the same, too.

Comparing quality Belgian beer to crap like Tennents Super Lager and Carlsberg Special Brew? You clearly have no understanding of beer.

Belgian has the greatest diversity of beer styles of any country in the world. Assuming you possess a sense of taste, then if you actually go out and try a range of Belgian beers you will change your opinion.

Maybe you just don’t like strong beer. Fair enough. But there are plenty of lower alchohol Belgian beers too.

So off you go and enjoy them, then. I won’t envy you! I’ve been sampling Belgian beer on and off since the early 1970s and believe me, I know whtat they taste like.

Alright, Sandman, you lightweight…
Dark Belgians may not be your thing, but how about green Cambodian ‘tea’?
But, damn, some of the Belgians are absolutely delicious (too delicious…not a good idea to suck em down), I swear, I don’t know where your tastebuds have gone.

How many belgian beers are there… I partly agree with sandman, i’ve found many to be awful, i would indeed compare duvel to shoe polish…

but the BEST BEST beer i’ve ever had the pleasure to drink is ice cold hommel bier, 9%, clear and hoppy, man I have to try to find Geert in Kaohsiung and see if he can get me a few cases

It’s hard to beat a nice pint of stout. I drank three bottles (700ml) of Hoegaaaaaaaaaarden or whatever it’s called last night and really it was all a bit much. A bit like Special with a dash of milk. The proprietor was drinking lager and coke, said it was called diesel in Germany. The man is clearly not right in the head.

The proprietor was drinking lager and coke, said it was called diesel in Germany. The man is clearly not right in the head.


Germans do indeed mix their beer once in a while:

Pilsener and Alt (dark beer)
Pilsener and Coke
Pilsener and Fanta (orange flavoured soda)
Alt and Coke

And Germans hate beer without the foam or beer with ice!

On a similar note: ever tried Jaegermeister with Coke or orange juice?

PS: Cosi o Cosi on TunHwa b[/b] road have Belgian beer, too.

I remember Mr. Paco’s had a ton of Belgium beer. The owner, that Quebecker guy, really fancied the stuff. When I worked at Ulead, my co-workers and I would go there on Fridays to get hammered on the weissens and eat over-priced four cheese pizza and stuff. I haven’t been there in over 3 years so I don’t know if the place even exists anymore or if Mssr Quebecker still serves belgian beer.


Originally posted by Rascal:

Germans do indeed mix their beer once in a while:

Pilsener and Alt (dark beer)[/QB]

What’s Alt ? Is it like brown lemonade ?

Alt is Alt beer, just a beer but brewed differently. Brown in color.
Most famous brand: Diebels Alt:

You can see DIMIX in the corner, Alt beer mixed with Coke readily available from the brewery.

Dimix, never has a more disgusting concoction ever come out of a brewery. Plain Alt is great though. Bavarian Schwarz beer is also pretty good, but can be an acquired taste.

mad bitch ain’t bad. neither is la guillotine.
chop my head off, please…

I’m thinking alot about beer today. First, I made my Christmas wish list. Then, I went out to the supermarket in the basement of the Breeze Center and discovered eight (8) German beers that I haven’t seen sold in Taiwan previously. So, naturally I bought one of each and popped them into the fridge… to my wife’s slight annoyance… the top shelf is already filled with a case of Belgian bottled beer.

Anyway, I think it might be a good idea if we Segue members had a quick and easy reference for beer, where we could advise of new beers sighted and complain when other beers disappear.

I’ll start this Alert/Directory in the next post!

Used to be a guy who delivered Belgian beers the length of Taiwan - you may want to contact him about importing some favourite brands. I guess Cosi o Cosi will have his contact details. Hoegaarden - always good.

My wife used to work for an alcoholic beverage importer. I’ll ask her to see if her ex-colleagues can come up with a list of beers sold in Taiwan.

There are no beer experts, just opinionated beer drinkers. Having said that, I think we should refrain from insulting anyone’s taste in beer unless they want to add any of the swill made by Anheuser-Busch or Coors or Miller, or the likes of these, to this directory. Remember, the goal here is to enrich our lives, not to degrade our taste buds. I hope everyone will help to make this directory an useful reference for those of us living here in Taiwan.

Belgian Beers - Geert in Kaohsiung (delivers every Wednesday)

Einbecker Ur-Bock - Breeze Center Supermarket
Rostocker Freibeuter - Breeze Center Supermarket
Holsten Festbock - Breeze Center Supermarket
Diebels Altbier - Breeze Center Supermarket
Radenberger Pilsner - Breeze Center Supermarket
Paulaner Hefe-Weiss Dunkel - Breeze Center Supermarket
Flensburger Dunkel - Breeze Center Supermarket
Maisel’s Weisse - Breeze Center Supermarket
-Kristalklar, Hefe-weisse, Dunkel
- Breeze Center Supermarket

Cooper’s Sparkling Ale - Wellcome Markets

Used to be able to get Bitburger Plisner at Uli’s in Tienmu (Tianmu). Heard its no longer available. Warsteiner Pilsner is available there too. I once bought a case of Hannen Alt at Uli’s, but have never seen it since.

That, Alleycat, would be most helpful. But if possible, could you edit the list by deleting all Anheuser-Busch swills, please?

Let’s have a beer tasting!!!

There’s a cafe down in Bitan on the waterfront that has outdoor seating and sells five or six Austrian beers, one or two of which are quite good. The others? – feh! – I don’t enjoy these 7%-alcohol-and-up brews. YMMV, of course. I’ll get some names next time I’m down there. It also has those weird “biker beers” with the Vargas-style babes on the can, which also has the same type of cap as Grolsh – I don’t know what nationality they are – as well as the stuff that comes in a big earthenware-type bottle.

The cafe also has those outdoor space heaters you see outside Paris cafes in winter, so you can sit outside whatever the weather. Quite nice during the week, when the Taipei mouth-breathers are absent.

Embarrassing confession #2,678: I really like Tesco’s own-brand pils – there, I’ve said it. Their own-brand draught bitter is also very good for the price – roughly half the cost of Boddington’s

Wellcome also has a variety of Erdinger – dark, light and weiss, as well as Grolsch