Beer hangovers

As I get older my hangovers are getting worse. I know that this happens to everyone.

If I go out on a Friday and getted pissed with some friends I feel like crap 'till Monday.

I know an easy solution to this problem is to not drink so much but sometimes it just happens. I love beer. Especially when I go to a place like CO2 that has a huge selection of Belgian beers. I have to try as many as I can.

What do you do to facilitate a hangover recovery?

Go out with less money and drink water when you get home.

I seldom get hangovers (practice makes perfect I guess). Anyway, make sure to drink a lot of water before you go to bed. And after you wake up, take a panadol or two.

Actually taking Panadol (Acetaminophen) for a hangover is a really bad idea.

Good link. Some interesting stuff there about traditional methods for curing hangovers.

For me, some Alka-Seltzer and a dose of vitamin B complex before going to bed works well. Upon waking, a hearty breakfast full of greasy potatoes & bacon also helps.

Lo Bo To wrote[quote]Actually taking Panadol (Acetaminophen) for a hangover is a really bad idea. [/quote]

Works for me. I think the key words from your quote warning of the dangers are [quote]with long-term use.[/quote] [quote]Excessive use[/quote] and [quote]when taken in large doses over prolonged periods[/quote]
I only take panadol once every month or two. If you are worried about your kidneys and/or the “L-word” (I never refer to that organ by its full name) then don’t drink a lot of alcohol.

Walk around on the rug barefoot and make little fists with your toes.

No wait, that’s for jetlag.

Maybe check this out instead.

Lots of water prior to sleeping, while (in-between) sleeping and after sleeping.
On rising, switch to juice & coffee. Lots of buttered toast with gobs of marmite.
Tomatoes, in pieces, or in juice.
The Red Eye… An Eternal Classic! :star:

Giver till yer liver quivers?

That’s what “we” used to say, about working mostly but drinking too.

Don’t stop drinking… :smiling_imp:

Just kidding…I share your experience and pain.
I think a good meal prior to drinking, even possibly during the tasting, followed by water before sacking out is a good idea.
Just remember to wake up and go to the can before you relieve the bladder pressure. (dreaming can be very messy!)
Vitamin C - 1 gram or so - and a good B Complex seems to help also. Fruit smoothies, mango & papaya with spirulina and maybe a banana are good for breakfast.
And sunglasses…oh yeah, gots to have my shades the day after.
The thing is, it took many years to learn these tricks…and now I rarely need them…oh well.

Jumping into the ocean and staying there ALL day helps a lot as well from my experience yesterday :laughing:

Don’t drink and drive; instead, eat and drink.

Eating, like jdsmith said, before and during the session really helps.

Sometimes when I go out drinking, I just don’t want to eat… BIG mistake!! :s :s

I’m quite an expert because I drink almost every night. Most nights (I’m quite good now) I eat before I imbibe and I normally feel quite OK at 6am when I arrive at the office.

Man, those Belguim beers are just too good not to drink!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Before you go to bed, guzzle a bottle or two of Pocari Sweat, Aquarius or any other Electrolyte-supplying sports drink.

Or you can try a couple of tablets of “Liver Forte”, an anti-hangover nutritional supplement put out by Nutri-Mate, available at your local Nutri-Mate outlet.

Or do both. Works for me.

Wikipedia mentions it among other folk remedies.

eat salty carbs and protein snacks while drinking. drink water occasionaly. Pop a vitamin C and a B complex before sleep. drink a beer or two, some water and a pocaro sweat upon awakening. sleep again.

I’ve heard that hangovers are partly caused by alcohol withdrawal. Makes sense to taper off maybe. Not recommended. I always thought the best way to deal with a hangover was by drinking more. Hmmm.

Eating before definately helps. I think it reduces vitamin and mineral depletion.
When I lived in Korea I found most serious drinkers there went into a pharmacy first and downed a couple vitamin drinks and some extra vitamins before drinking. I seldom had a hangover when I did this. Also eating snacks whle drinking helps.
Try some of the vitamin drinks in 7-11 next time you go out. Combest (?) may be the one with B complex.

Serious drinkers in Korea? Is there any other kind? I recall reading somewhere that Korea has one of the highest per capita rates of alcohol consumption anywhere in the world. True or not, soju kicked my ass in Seoul - and made me think I was hallucinating about the size of the pitchers of beer that arrived at the table afterward. :astonished:

Anjoo definitely helped. But I still saw quadruple of the faxed directions on my way out and felt like hell for two days afterward. I’d say the vitamin drink / vitamins bit is definitely worth looking into…

So, do they still have Makoli in Korea? I used to love drinking that stuff.

So, do they still have Makoli in Korea? I used to love drinking that stuff.[/quote]
Beats me. I was only there once. Well outside the airport anyway. :wink:

And that was the only time I ever ate “chicken pigu”…

That would be the way I get a hangover. I like my beer, but I will stay with one kind all night.

Like many others, mixing hard liquor and beer in any order or combination for me is big ol’ trouble.
With just beer, mixing different kinds in a given night will definitely increase the hangover and headache for me.