Beer No.4 for Belgium Beer ! ( Yungho)

Bars in Yungho…I found one Beer No.4 ( selling Belgium Beer ! ) Address : No.3, Lane 194 , An Le Rd. , Yunghe , Taipei County. Ph. : 02-29252770 very near Yongan MRT station. Open 7 days a week. Mon-Fri open from 3pm to 1am , Sat. & Sun. 12pm to 1 am !!

I searched using Chinese and found alot of pubs and bars just in Yungho alone and one I went to tonight was
[color=#FF0000]BEER No.4[/color] , yes U got it…BEER NO.4 :sunglasses: …why U ask Beer No.4 well for those of you more familiar with Yungho ( Yung He) will know there is a park named " Number 4 Park" so the boss of this restaurant/bar has named it Beer No.4 .

Tucked in by the park just off An Le Road. If you use the google map tool : and copy and paste the address in chinese below…

台北縣永和市安樂路194巷3號 put this address into the box then search and it will show U . I only just realised the way I did it before it wasnt working…this way U can get to see. :slight_smile:

U can take the MRT to Yung An Market station and walk through the park and your there .

This smallish restaurant/ Bar offers a good menu with a large selection of Belguim beer. One caught my eye called " DELIRIUM’ need i say anymore. :discodance: .? With large flat screen tv gives U the chance to space out with your Belgium beer and relax or sit outside maybe sipping your beer and having a meal .

Their music wasnt too loud and I could hear what the boss (Jonny) was saying and the beautiful bar maid Amy was saying also. Jonny’s English is good and I had a fun evening chatting with them both . A friendly warm place that offers something much more than just a beer . Here is a link I found that will give u an idea:

I also hope we can start an on going list of pubs for Taipei county on this topic/ link . If you guys know have been to can give details of address etc of different pubs/bars/ restaurants in Taipei county would be great .

There is a lot of info on forumosa but spread in different place so I was hoping to keep it as a continuous linked topic here…

I’ll have to stop by there sometime.