Any German style beergarden in town?

German restuarant … with german beer - but its far from a beer garden … sadly

Anyway - It’s on Fushing b[/b] North Road … I think it’s called “Haxen GeStatte” or something close to that (or not at all).

If you go north on Fushing b[/b] then it will be more or less between Nanking b[/b] East Road MRT and Chungshan Middle School MRT on your right.

Yeah, passed it a few times. Heard it closed down now. The correct name BTW is “Haxen Gaststaette” (ae = a with dots above).

Is Schwarzwald still around? About half way down WenZhou St, between HsinHai b[/b] Road and HoPing b[/b] East Road (running parrallel with HsinSheng b[/b] South Road). Good bread, cold beer and so-so German food in a small garden with an awning.