Beerguts and gut rot

So, I developped a taste for beer drinking in Taiwan, only to find myself swelling up like a pregnant woman with a salt imbalance.

Then, I found that not all red wines sold here (those outside of 7-11) are terrible and so now drink red wine.

I’d say red wine is better bet. It less fattening and doesn’t inspire me to keep chugging all night like beer did. If I drink tons of it, I get gut rot though.

Just can’t enjoy white wine enough to drink it regularly.

What do you guys drink?

I like vodka too, but it make me act weird after awhile. You know you hear about sloppy drunks, violent drunks, amorous drunks… does this happen with certain alcohols and not others? I always thought it was the person but after being an ass on vodka I think I"ll stick to wine.

Despite the rambling nature of this post on alchohol, I’m not actually drunk!

[quote=“Tom T. Hall”]Whiskey

Yeah, beer is tough on my system too. It never ceases to amaze me to see people drink pints and pints all night long :astonished: I can’t figure out where it all goes :ponder: … as it bloats me like the Hindenburg. I stick with the hard stuff, if I’m going to be serious in drinking. Whiskies are my first choice of poison–Jack Daniels, bourbon (Maker’s Mark but no so common in Taipei?) and scotch. Mixed vodka and rum drinks are quite alright too.


Jaegermeister. Mixed With coke or orange juice.

Orange juice or coke. Mixed with Jaegermeister, vodka, rum, scotch, whiskey, or gin.


Kidding. These days I stick strictly to beer, as hard liquor gives me horrible hangovers and I have a sulfite allergy (which rules out a lot of bottled wines).

I used to drink beer quite often but now it simply makes me feel sleeply after only a few. (I have no idea why). I gave up harder stuff after one horrible brandy induced hangover.Now I drink red wine but I have a tendency to overindulge which, as others have pointed out, does lead to weight gain for me.
With wine, I tell myself “Wine has been proven to be good for people so I am actually drinking it to stay healthy.” Of course, it gets more difficult to convince myself that I am actually drinking wine for my health after I have just finished drinking a whole bottle or two. :smiley:

Guinness, and if there is no such drink at the bar which holds my presence, Boddingtons. If there is neither, the neither will be drunk.
Expensive coke is the only alternative.
I drink rarely, so gut rot is out of the question.

I drink rarely, so gut rot is out of the question.[/quote]

What does a pint of “rarely” cost? It sounds like good stuff.

If you live long enough and drink long enough you find you drink yourself out of everything except water. Tequila…gak! shiver…


It’s quite scarce stuff, you would seldom to come across it.

“I like beer”…T.T. Hall…as posted earlier.

I heartily agree. Beer must be fresh and reasonably cold. Not frozen, but well chilled. It seems that the Taiwan beer I have found meets these requirements quite nicely. So I drink that. My single complaint is in the bottle size. These .6 liter bottle are ridiculous. Make it a FULL LITER bottle !

Aside from that, it is a good beer. My stock of good bourbon, Kentucky of course, is slowly depleting. My Crown Royal is maintaining well. And my single malt is untouched - so far.

But alas, I do also like a bit of rum - Appletons or Flor de Cana (Nicaraguan) and this is hard to come by in Tainan.

So its Taiwan beer.

Beer… Taiwan beer, heineken and the like…

Vodka also…

Cheap, watery Qingdao in the summer and grainy tasting Haerbin in the winter. The wife has put a limit on my beer budget, so these are the only two that I like and can afford. Besides, both of them come back up pretty smooth. :wink:

I am currently on the wagon.

Im still the same as*hole I just have less dents in my scooter now.

Drinking out: Boddington’s or Guinness, Heineken or Carlsberg if the others can’t be had.

At home: Absinthe, any of the Belgian beers from Sommelier, vodka, tequila, rum. . . . . . . . . .