Bees and Fifa

Ridiculousness alert … everytime I see the topic “Beef and Visas” :roflmao:.

Sorry, it’s the best I can do:

Chaos as bees attack in Zambia

CHINGOLA, Zambia, March 27 (Reuters) - One spectator was taken to hospital and 17 needed treatment after a lighting pylon collapsed during Saturday’s World Cup qualifier between Zambia and Congo at Chililabombwe, officials confirmed on Sunday.

To compound matters, a swarm of bees was dislodged from a hive on the pylon, stinging several spectators who fled the stands. One spectator jumped the perimeter fence and ran onto the pitch to escape the bees.

Spectators had taken up a viewing position on the pylon and it collapsed under their weight when Zambia scored their second goal in a 2-0 win at the stadium on the country’s northern Copperbelt.

Zambia’s win kept them joint top of African zone Group One with Senegal.[/quote]

Nothing like being swarmed to ruin one’s whole day…