Where can I find fresh beetroot in Taiwan?


Wear an expensive white shirt, it will find you.



Saw it in City Super once for some ungodly price.


ditto Jason 101 store - old and stale :frowning:


If I had a piece of land, I would have planted it myself. The seed is sold here. Maybe there’s a forumosan out there that has connections in farming circles that could convey the message that there is a market for beetroot here.


It’s really hard to find in Taiwan? I made borscht today with beets. Turned out really good. I’ll be sad if they’re hard to find in Beijing.

I remember Hui Lui makes a vegetarian hot pot with beets. You could ask them where they get 'em.





Did you ever find beetroot? I sure would like to find some again.

I remember buying it at the wholesale market on Min Zhu road in Taipei a lot of years ago. Never did find out where that wholesale market went.

Please post if you have found either beets or the greens. I sure would like to know where to find them. Thanks so much!


Saw some fresh beets last month in my local supermarket. REALLY expensive i.e. 85 - 105 NT. for a single, overlarge beet! Bought one one because I just couldn’t pass it up. The cashiers all grouped around me to ask what it was and how one cooks it a they had never seen it before. Three weeks later, the same remaining beets were still there. I told the manager/cashier that they were too old and the prices should be dropped - he gave them to me because he told me that the local shoppers thought they were too strange. Cooked and froze them for later use. Guess I won’t be seeing them in the market again! :frowning:


Sorry for waking old thread. I don’t want to make a new one.

Any tips WCIF Beetroot?

I am in central Taiwan, south of Taichung.

I was asking around on some local markets without success.


It used to be fairly common but then went out of fashion, for no obvious reason. Beetroot grows well here. You would normally see it for sale around Feb/March. However it’s out-of-season at the moment; too hot.

You could try growing it yourself in a window box. It’ll soon be time for planting and you can easily get seeds from jianguo flower market.


I think I saw some in the Beitou Costco about two hours ago. “Think” because I don’t really like beetroot and didn’t pay much attention. Baby beetroot? Shrink-wrapped in the non-refrigerated produce section? Would that make sense?


Was thinking the same thing. Pretty sure I saw it last week in the Zhongli Costco. For the same reasons as @lostinasia, I’m not 100%. But I recall seeing it because I mentally noted that it said “beetroot” and reminded me of the conversation with some UK friends about “beet” vs “beetroot”.


I have never met a Taiwanese person, including my entire family, who liked it. On the rare occasions when they tried it (some salad bar, or traveling abroad), they almost universally described it as being like “eating wood”.

No wonder poor brother @the_bear can’t get a decent burger here…


PX Mart has it, red beet, 2-pack and reasonable priced.


I bought a package, with the naughty intention of making Russian salad as soon as I can find the proper potatoes. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Would it be too sweet for borscht? Dunno.


Strange, my Taiwanese neighbour grows them all the time and sometimes gives some to us because she knows my Taiwanese wife loves them. We also find them on our local farmers market regularly, so we do eat them often.

Boil them, some mayo on top == heaven. In Sweden we bought beetroot salad for on toast, but it’s difficult to make as we can’t find creme fresh here easily.


I want to make some borscht. My old girlfriend father did make it for me sometime. He also used to make the delicious gluten stew and those were the two vegetarian things I like the most. Beets are hard to find.


Borscht is what I want to cook. :yum:


So how do they feel about eating bamboo then?