They (we) eat bamboo shoots.
Not wood.
Have you eaten pine nuts?
Does that mean you eat pine trees?


Beetroots for the win.



Last time I was back I was staying at my little sister’s house, and she was getting stuff to make dinner and she asked what I’d like, and, out of the blue, I said, you know, beets, because I hadn’t had them for a hella long time, so, bless her, she obliged.
The next morning, post-ablution, I was alarmed to see that my evacuant was a rampant crimson, causing all manner of panic regarding the possibility of colon issues etc. for a good 5 minutes until I remembered the previous evening’s beets.


You can make a doable creme fraiche with a glass of cream and a spoonful of unsweetened live yogurt. (can’t get buttermilk here)Let it ferment overnight on the counter. Badabing, you good to go.


Beets n greens w bacon n onion. One of my faves. Easy to grow. Worth it.
Damn. I had to size-down so much to upload; It looks like crap.


KGB, being 100% Kiwi owned, have plenty of beetroot options for their burgers.


I use strained homemade yoghurt as a very passable substitute. Dunno about borscht, but it works very well with tex-mex.


Yes it does.


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IKEA has this bottle beet:

I use it for borscht. I wash it first but the preserve is not very strong. It’s a bit expensive for around NT220 or such. I don’t remember. I only close my eyes and my wife complains the price. :slightly_smiling_face:


Canned red beet is also available in Taiwan for less than 220NT$.