Beginners' Chinese class(es)

Unauthorized repost from Tealit post by Southpaw:

“ok…im sick of ironlady going on like a know it all, :wink:let’s put her to the test !those who want to give it a try put your names here and email me at and i will mediate and get a group together.

If he’s willing to organize, I’m willing to teach. Actually I really enjoy teaching Chinese, I just can’t get going. Thanks Southpaw for offering to take on the admin tasks (can you fold those little paper stars the buxiban desk girls make, too?? :laughing: )

Hope we can get something going. I can teach at my house, conveniently located just near Kuting MRT. Table, whiteboard, refrigerator. Bring snacks. All we need is suitable time(s). I’m perilously busy on Wednesdays and Saturdays and it would be best to stay away from Mon and Wed nites 8-9 which is our Taiwanese class time, but other than that…more or less free or reorganizable.

I am interested in a beginners Chinese class. I have made it through about chapter 4 of two books, so I know pronunciation and about 100 words.


As title. Please get in touch with him/her (??!) to arrange times. I’m congenitally disorganized. :frowning:

:smiley: hi, its me southpaw…those buggers at tealit deleted that post! yes as she says im willing to sort it out…i have received a couple of responses and i will reply very soon. i personally would prefer mornings for attention span reasons but am flexible. i have 3 responses …when i have another couple i can start sorting out times and stuff…how much money do you want again ironlady?