Behaviour of candidates during their campaigns

Sorry, you missed the point of my post. I was not commenting on the campaign, nor on the campaign staff, nor on the candidate, but on how one man (Luo Wenjia) handled the defeat on election night. It was done with grace and class. Any other observations are outside the scope of my post and irrelevant/off-topic.[/quote]
I disagree with your opinion. It is easy to look good in a “staged event” on election night. I think the behaviour of candidates during the “rough and tumble” campaign is much more revealing. In this regard, I think both candidates fell short. A dirty campaign that reached new lows – even by Taiwan political standards. :unamused:

It’s a Taiwanese election. What do you expect?

I’m just glad no one got shot or had the nerve to throw a pre-election victory celebration :wink:

邱太三 for 台中縣長 behaved particularly poorly, IMO.