Beijing bans dogs that are larger than 35cm, owners must "deal" with it

I really feel this is one more straw on the pile. I wonder how many more straws it’ll take before the panda’s back breaks? I can’t imagine it taking very much more.

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It’s so sad… so many dogs put down and for what?

In unrelated news, 香肉蓋飯 shops popping up at an alarming rate.


This seems too heinous to be a true story but if says it is then it must be. That’s just brutal. I guess its a preventative measure against rabies, but is there even a correlation between the size of the dog and rabies?

China is not a good place to be a human, or a dog.


Could true…Heard stories about the enforcers going around beating dogs to death with sticks a few years back.

Time for a BBQ Big Fido.

I mean they just took everyone’s motor scooters overnight and never gave anyone any compensation. Totally believable. These are the same people that let the dog eating festival happen.

Yup they want everyone to be inhuman just like the govt

I don’t think the Chinese Government is inhuman.

I think they are inhumane!

Semantics same result

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About time the Chinese people culled the fat Teddy Bear


Isn’t this old news? I distinctly remember such a ban more than ten years ago.

I think they first banned dog walking. iirc

I remember that they had a really strict licensing policy that banned more than one dog and…some breeds? I can’t find it now though.

This article is not ten years ago but, basically, the same story. It serves to reason that if they’ve had a ban but looked the other way, people probably have been lax in vaccinating their dogs which could lead to problems.

The CCP essentially needs to be eliminating one animal group and one ethic/religious group at all times (and have done so throughout their regime).