Beijing discovers Norwegian salmon did NOT cause coronavirus

In a stunning revelation…


Oh! Thank GOD! That’s a weight off my shoulders!


I knew it was form Scotland!

It was a bullshit too far even for the CCP. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are still suggesting it in China, though.


Norway got a seat in UN Security Council yesterday. This was just Beijing bullying them.

Farmed salmon is some of the most toxic fish on the planet. Wouldn’t touch the stuff.
Watch the fillet of fish documentary on YT.

Anyways, salmon sales are the main reason Norway having been massively kowtowing to China after the disastrous Nobel Peace Prize event. Pre-Nobel Norway had 90% of the massive Chinese salmon market, afterwards, ca 25%. The fish lobby has since spoken.

Everyone knows it was the, brainwashed by western-media, Taiwanese Bluefin Tuna.

The funny part of this article is Chile being opportunistic chasing the RMB.

Meanwhile, Chile, the world’s second-largest salmon exporter, said it has informed Beijing authorities of its good hygienic practices during production this week, with the aim to be greenlit to resume exports.

Compared to Fugu?

Different kind of toxic, obviously. Fugu is harmless if cut right. High levels of mercury and micro plastics in most fish, and I guess that’s especially true of farmed salmon?

Watch the documentary.

It’s already been proven that this was a giant red herring847732-13b77c5ef17711cb6ab4a0482f9d4ebc

I think Norway, one of the richest countries in the world, will be just fine.

This one?

How much salmon do they have in their oceans!? I see Norwegian salmon everywhere. I just got some smoked salmon from Norway.

Ofc Norway will be fine with the enormous oil fund. This salmon episode just shows how willing was Norway to prostrate themselves in front of China.

Endless salmon, since it is not in the ocean per se, but fish farms. Enriching the few at the cost of the natural biodiversity (growing awareness of this in Norway and measures will soon be taken against the industry)

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I was aware China has been shitting on Norway about the Nobel Prize, but how has Norway been reacting?

China could buy salmon from Chile.

Salmon were left “pending” in customs to rot as punishment. Billions lost. Later on, to get back into good graces, in diplomatese, Norway saying we support whatever policy China wants.

Basically, Norway promised to never provoke China again.