Beijing Olympic Tank T-shirt - Last Orders! Get yours now!

We still have some extra shirts, and we’re ordering more! The sizes available are as below. Contact my wife to place an order - you can PM her here, or e-mail her at Vanessa.van.Dyck at Or call her at 0968-272-544. I’m too busy to deal with this, so don’t call me! Shirts can be picked up at the next Happy Hour, or we can mail them to you for an extra $80NT (Address in Chinese characters required!)

[quote=“Maoman”]The Beijing Olympic Tank T-Shirt is finally becoming a reality!

The t-shirts will be available for [color=red]$400NT[/color] in the following sizes:
4XL: 52 inches wide, 32 inches long.
3XL: 50 inches wide, 31 inches long.
2XL: 48 inches wide, 30 inches long. Suitable for people over 180 cms.
XL: 46 inches wide, 29 inches long. Suitable for people around 180 cms.
L: 43 inches wide, 28 inches long. Suitable for people around 175 cms.
M: 42 inches wide, 27 inches long. Suitable for people around 168 cms.
S: 40 inches wide, 26 inches long. Suitable for people around165 cms.

Kids XL: Suitable for 6th and 7th graders. 38 inches wide, 24 inches long. Suitable for kids around 55 kilos.
Kids S: Suitable for 1st and 2nd graders. 32 inches wide, <21.5 inches long. Suitable for kids under 50 kilos.

Women’s S: 33 inches wide, 23 inches long. Suitable for women under 50 kilos. (Women’s shirts are slightly tapered)
Women’s M: 34 inches wide, 24 inches long. Suitable for women under 60 kilos. (Women’s shirts are slightly tapered)

To give you some idea of what the sizes are like: I ordered a 2XL last time, but a 3XL is a better fit. I’m a fairly big (read fat) guy - I’m 184cms tall, and I weigh 104 kilos.

The design of the Beijing Olympic Tank t-shirt is roughly as below (white T-shirt), although not to scale. Both the logo on the front and the back are larger. It should look pretty good, at any rate. :sunglasses:


Does anyone know how Taiwanese people react to these? Do they think it’s funny, or do they go completely apeshit?

Someone who had lived in Beijing told me if he wore one there he would definitely be killed and would most probably be eaten by angry Chinese people :laughing:

Truth be told, most people in Taiwan don’t get it. Those that do, tend to think it’s funny, in a smirky-smirk kind of way.

I have yet to encounter any reactions to my Beijing 2008 tee… Oh yes, last time to China my wife packed it into my suitcase, as she thought I should wear it there!!!

(I was not amused, but the guy I travelled with thought it was funny - right until I told him that I only had a very stinky old tee left, and then that one. We had an 8 hour drive in a decrepit xiali with no aircon in front of us at that point in time).

I use the other one a bit more - no reactions to that one either. Given the fact taht I have met middle-aged obasans with tees extolling the virtues of smoking dope, doing them instead of virgins etc. any reaction would surprise me indeed.

I have (inadvertently) worn mine several times in China, mostly Shanghai and Shenzhen. I did overhear someone say something about it once in Shanghai. Mind you I wouldn’t wear it in Tiananmen, for example.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]I have (inadvertently) worn mine several times in China, mostly Shanghai and Shenzhen. I did overhear someone say something about it once in Shanghai. Mind you I wouldn’t wear it in Tiananmen, for example.

Actually the guy that reckoned wearing it would be a bad idea in China also said that he wore an official Beijing 2008 T shirt here and someone asked him why he was wearing ‘a Chinese T shirt’.

Will be interesting to see how the Olympics are covered here. Presumably the Blue media will whip up patriotism and the Green media will snipe.

Well the tank man image isn’t that well recognized in PRC. It’s a creation of Western media, or something that has been promoted in the western media for a decade.

It’s a very waiguoren kind of thing.

These are the views of the average Taiwanese.

Damn, if I could have gotten one I would have worn it to the torch relay here in Xining, yesterday (with some Dutch friends for backup). Sure beats those fucking kiddie fuwa images you see everyhere. If I was an Olympian I would not be too happy about being represented by smurfs. Flame on huan huan.

Well well, pseudo synchronicity:

Earlier today I was reading -
Reuters Mon Jun 30, 6:30 AM ET

“China announces Olympic stability drive after riot”

and when I got to (wait for it - ) “’ Now we are entering a state of war,’” I immediately thought of the Tianenmen tanks!

"China has launched a nationwide campaign to defuse protest ahead of the Beijing Olympic Games … after a riot … highlighted
volatile social strains.
""The Beijing Olympics are approaching and… protecting social harmony and stability … has become a tough battle …
"‘Now we are entering a state of war’ said the government website …
"Saturday’s stability meeting was the latest of a flurry of security measures that China is taking to prevent any domestic unrest
upsetting the games … "

God knows - and certainly the heathen Chinese have learned - nothing prevents " domestic unrest " like a tank.

Hi, I’ve been asking, sending emails to you and your wife and damned if there is no response. I have been requesting a T-shirt since God knows when. Is it physically possible to get a response or do I need to put a sign on 101 first? You have my number.

Weird. Vanessa just re-checked her PM box and her e-mail and there’s nothing from you at all! Could you please get in touch with her again? I do recall you telling me you wanted a shirt, though. Oh, and I don’t have your number - I lost it, along with a hundred and something other numbers when my phone got put through the wash a month or so ago.

Have you sent one to CNN yet?

I went through the same thing with my phone only substitute “washing machine” for “dishonest, greedy taxi driver” and “ruined by” for “stolen by”.

Urgently needed as the school’s summer Olympics event is coming up very soon in conjunction with the real one. PM coming your way…

I would just like to thank Maoman for posting a couple of these T-shirts to me c/o some obliging Americans in San Diego.

I am running out of clean, oil-free clothes and their arrival is most eagerly awaited in spite of having to drive to another country to pick them up.



You’re wearing clothes now? Progress!