Beijing-Taipei high speed train

“The dream that countless Chinese people have dreamt is finally drawing closer,” as the Beijing-Taipei high-speed rail has only “the last part” between the Straits left to be completed.”

Well people, what do you think? Do you wanna zip from Taipei to Beijing by the year 2030?

Fake news. They don’t have the agreement of the Taiwanese.


Very considerate of them. It will make it so much easier to retake the mainland.



They’re so big hearted. Building a bridge to connect the poverty stricken island for free.

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Can you build a wall in the ocean? :thinking:


The ocean has been a wall for the last 70 years.


They must be off their rockers.
Total fantasy, it will never happen.

Well never say never. Unfortunately HK and UK thought the same thing but see where we are.

I have a distinct memory of a coworker telling me about this in 2016. She was buying up a bunch of property along the cost. Everyone (including me) thought she was nuts. Maybe not…

To welcome the commies with open arms? Making a ‘bridgehead’?

In 2013, I had a taxi driver in Beijing insist to a Taiwanese colleague and I that this very rail link would be completed by 2020. My guess is they recycle this story every couple years and just change the dates.

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I just realized I typed “cost” not “coast”. oops. I think she was thinking that property costs would skyrocket along the coast (where along the coast, I don’t know), because there would be such quick and easy access to Mainland. I’m not sure where she stood on ROC independence…


What the heck is R.O.C. independence?

like, not being part of China?

ROC is already independent.


It’s most certainly NOT part of China.

You and I are in agreement. That (long former now) coworker may or may not have felt differently.

I don’t understand this concept. Where is this supposed to run? Across the straits, from Fuzhou or Xiamen?

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Well it IS China. Million dollar Q is which China.

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