Being a student, what are the benefits of an ARC?

My 4 months is almost here to qualify for an ARC through my language school. I have been extending my Visitor visa up to this point.

My question is:

What are the benefits for students to getting an ARC?

How long is it good for?

If I don’t continue at my school after I receive my ARC is it still good until its expiration?

My current VISA is single entry. :frowning: This sucks because I want to travel a bit between semesters, but cant. Once I get an ARC, can I exit and re-enter without trouble?

I understand I can get a number from the FAP (Using only my Visitor Visa) that will allow me to open a bank account. Will this same number also allow me to be accepted for a credit card?


You can join the health insurance program for a small fee each month, I believe. And, you can travel in and out.

Student ARCs are usually issued for one year at a time, and are renewable.

Any ARC is granted for a particular reason. If that reason is no longer valid, your ARC can be cancelled and you will be asked to leave the country. For student ARCs, if you stop going to your school and your school notifies the foreign affairs police, your ARC will be revoked. Because student ARCs have been abused in the past the authorities have been rather strict about this.

If you don’t have an ARC you can apply for a tax ID number. However, once you have an ARC you would typically use the ARC number as your ID number. This can be used to apply for a credit card but there’s no guarantee you’ll get one.

And I believe you can work part-time …

You can work part time after you have shown you are a good student for a year first, according to Shida. This is what their calendar says, anyway.

:sunglasses: Hmmm…i have seen this topic many times…but never felt like replying as i was just too lazy…But anyways here is your answer Belgan Pie…

1>Once you study in Shida for 4 months…you can apply for an ARC with you 2 months visitor visa which is extendible 2 times maximum…after which you are supposed to apply for a Resident visa
2>Benefits of an ARC???..many compared to people who dont have any
3>Once u get your ARC you get a Multiple Visa…which is a small white sticker…stuck on your passport every 3 months when you go to renew your visa…and that means you have the rights to travel in and out of the country without any hassles for as long as your ARC is valid…
4>After studying in Shida for a year you can apply for a student work permit…which allows you to work for 16 hours a week and longer hours on Summer and other long vacations.

Well i guess that answers your questions…sigh unfortunately i am feeling sleepy again…Best of luck
Cheers! :smiling_imp:

You don’t need to get a visa to come back in.

National Health Insurance.

That’s about it. You can have a driving licence, but it is linked to the validity of your ARC.

You can get a land line in your own name (but not a mobile).