Being harassed?

Well, if you are, or know somebody who is or has been, I need your input for my new PDA application, “Harassment”.

As you might imagine, I have some ideas of my own about what information it might be useful to track on a regular basis when one is being harassed. However, I’m sure that input from others will make this app for Palm OS even better.

So, be sure and write in or e-mail me to let me know what features YOU want to see in your handy, always-in-your-Palm application to allow you to track all the data that can lead to a tidy conviction of anyone giving you grief.

Of course the app has the basics, like time of event, description, location, type (e-mail/mail/telephone/cell phone/contact), content, name given (if identified), phone given (if given), and some fields for results of any kind of trace you might be doing on the communication (wow, there are a LOT you can do too, I had no IDEA!) Maybe information on local police contacts, administrative channels,…??

If you or yours need a copy of this app, just drop me an e-mail here at Segue and I’ll be happy to make sure you get a copy.

And, oh, for the people wasthing the time of the tax authorities in my case (and you know who you are, as do I!), just in case you get a hankering to give out another “anonymous tip”, this app is being given away, so I’m afraid you’ll be wasting your time if you try to get them to come investigate me for running a software publishing house. :laughing:

We had someone harassing our school for a while… while this party did have some legitimate complaints, in the long run the attempts to get back at one person not only affected innocent people, but it resulted in more problems for harasser (I know that he faced some legal/police action & think that he had to leave Taiwan, at least for a while)… what a waste of time & energy!

Anyway, ironlady, thanks for your offering of this as well as other software. i’d like to send some karma your way. i’m so glad i bought the oxford english palm dictionary – it’s the best thing since sliced bread! :slight_smile:

p.s. sorry if i didn’t add any useful suggestions for the program… let me re-think our situation & maybe something will come to me. But it looks as though you have all the bases covered…


I know very little about law, but maybe that could help when making a legal case.

Hmm…good idea. I’ll incorporate it into the detailed “Actors” list on the next revision. I’ve just got the skeleton app done now, but it’s sufficient for my current needs. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: