Being kicked out against contract terms

so my land lord and I have had a bit of a disagreement and he thinks its more profitable to kick me out and put new tenants in my place simply because they are signing contracts that are longer then mine. We have a signed contract that he is violating .

I am planing on leaving the country and not paying him my last months rent which is about the first months deposit anyway and not paying my electric bill.

my land lord has a copy of my passport but I will not be living here in Taiwan any longer and going to another asian country.

I am wondering what the potential consequences are for this?

is it really a crime? and will it have any negative impact on my passport usage in the future?

According to my sister in law who works in real estate here, it takes about six months of non payment of rent before the courts are even interested in looking at a case. Not paying the last month and electricity, particularly if they’ve already got a deposit off you shouldn’t leave you anything to worry about.

Though it might be said – you’re all upset because the landlord isn’t going to respect the contract, so you want to know if you can get away with not respecting a contract?

In practical terms, though – they won’t extradite. But you never know where life will take you. Usually it’s better to leave as clean an exit as possible from any situation, because you would be surprised how many places you end up going back to, even though you never expected to. Not to mention the karmic implications. Not paying the last month’s rent is one thing. Stiffing him on the power bill is (IMO) another.

Just realized I read the OP wrong. I assumed they had 2 months deposit which is common but just noticed you say it’s one. In that case, as ironlady said, you should pay the electricity.

ok thanks guys for your input I guess its better to be safe then sorry. I will just pay the electric bill and that should be it.