i am a CBC! and so i got hired at sesamse street school and they’re paying me 350NT an hour and i know i am being ripped off…but i’ve called many school and most of them are quite discrimatory wanting only white teachers:( but many people have told me that i can find a job and should be getting paid at least 600 NT an hour…but it just seems so impossible to find a job now:( please help me…any tips on which schools are good? and how i should be applying for jobs as a CBC? thank you

I know I bring up Kojen a lot, but they do recruit CBCs and the wages are the same. My school had three when I worked there. I think the rate starts at $550 now.

I worked for this crowd a couple of years ago and there were a few A/CBC’s there.

We parted ways somewhat painfully, but the manager responsible has since been replaced by Sarah, who seems to be pretty professional and on the level. PM me and I’ll give you the number of a friend who still works there. Pay is not great, but it’s better than you’re getting.

Do Hess discriminate? As a newbie you could do worse than get your feet wet with them.


Go wid HESS, sure they suck, but I know several CBC’s working there, including one of my best friends, and he gets paid same amount as the other dudez (approx $550NT/hr).

and quit complaining, I don’t make that much ($350NTper hour) and I don’t yell discrimination, albeit I’m not Chinese, but also not white :raspberry: .

But seriously, HESS or any of the other chains skules will hopefully not screw you. Maybe the current skule thinks you are a CT (Chinese Teacher) rather than a NST (Native Speaking Teacher)

good luck

O.U.R.S. is even more dishonest. They have a never ending stream of tricks and dishonest people. I substituted there and they tried to not pay me for my work. I was only a substitute, no ARC, and whether I did the work didn’t matter to them. What mattered is that if they kept the money but cheated me, what was important was that they kept the money. Jack Li, Alan, Stephanie C., Grace are some of the characters there.

Chinese lie/cheat and steal regularly, although granted not 100.00%

If anyone’s interested, I have a friend who is planning to leave Taiwan next week and still hasn’t told his school. He’s doing the indecent thing and telling them after he collects his pay on Tuesday.

So there will be a job up for grabs next week. I think it’s in BanQiao, however you spell it, and they pay around 600/hr. Kids, I dunno what age, M-F, 4hrs a day with 30 minutes break 2-6:30. They do apparently hire CBCs. That’s all I can tell you, but if you’re interested enough to PM me I can put you in touch with him.

So you’re being ripped off? Is the school not paying you your contracted rate or making deductions which you may deem not be part of your contract?

That’s a lot different than signing a contract for a rate less than other people. Silly you, I know of local Chinese teachers getting 550 an hour at Sesame Street. Why is it disciminatory only to want white teachers? I only employ teachers who are darker than I am, and I work in the sun 5 days a week, wearing only a pair of very short shorts… so I’m pretty dark.

Don’t have a clue what their policy is on ABCs or CBCs, but overall, David’s English Center seems to be above average in terms of being professional, by local standards. Might want to give them a look. It is nearly all adult teaching.