Beitou Coffee or Tea Shops with View

I have yet to find a coffee shop or tea house in Beitou with a nice view even though Beitou is known as a beautiful area with lots of green trees.

There is this one museum inside an old Japanese house but not much of a view.

Not technically Beitou, but there’s like 4 different restaurants there in that one hair pin.

Also this spot up on YMS:

Don’t forget, a huge chunk of YMS is considered Beitou District:

The library is great view. Anyone can enter. Lots of seats and tables. Outdoor reading areas. Magazines and newspapers available. Restrooms. No drinks allowed but everyone has one.

Beitou Public Library
No. 251, Guangming Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112
02 2897 7682

There’s a s******* Starbucks with betel nut juice stains all over the sidewalk in front and no view.