Beitou hot springs

I’m planning on going to Beitou for a day trip. I’ve narrowed down my choices to Kagaya, Sweetme, and Grand View and need fellow travelers recommendation on which one I should pick.


Not sure if any of us have knowledge of those, I’m guessing they’re fancy schmancy spa hotels. Me I go to the NTD150 baths near the entrance to Hell’s Valley.

The Grand View is excellent. Professional staff and luxury facilities. If you are just there for on a day trip and don’t plan on spending the night, the biggest of their hot spring rooms which you can get for a couple of hours is very nice with lots of space to relax.

Guys, can we have some, ehem, on site analysis/personal experience testimonial as to which of these places offer private rooms with indoor pools big enough for tall/large sized furriners? My experience so far is that two atogas/one atoga and a local won’t fit in the same tub. Yes, no matter the acrobatics. And there is a thick line between romantic and gymnastics. Pictures on websites/brochures don’t tell the whole story.