Belgian Beer Cafe @ Att4Fun XinYi

The newest upscale F&B Market entry requires a thread by its own. Opened since a month on the 6th floor of the ATT4fun building, I had a lunch there yesterday with 15 former colleagues “testing” the waters (as the food).

I hope that many more among us can provide feedback here - or on the BBC’s FB page : … ts&fref=ts to make sure that they stay in the Market. (Which today is not a guarantee)

Brasserie set-up with plenty of walking space and the original Belgian accessories.
Chocolate Mousse - best in town
Detail of service - beer knowledge of the staff
Menu proposal mixing the right beer with the right menu

Dislikes / improvements:
Offer authentic mayonnaise
Don’t use deep frozen fries
Import real mussels from the North Sea (and don’t overcook them)
do NOT use rasped carrot strings for a mussel mix - BAH :thumbsdown:
Improve the overall Quality of the dishes (the “Gentse Waterzooi” was a slap in my face being born there)
Start thinking of reviewing your prices / offering lunch sets if the joint remains empty in week time.

Make us Belgians proud and please…do not start “localizing” too much. Pumpkin-soup should do. Don’t’ go to the dark side going corn and clams OK

De Strop

I don’t know, I thought the place was mediocre at best. Beer menu is OKish but I think Bravo Beer in Banqiao is much better. Service was bad, I know it’s Taiwan, but at a place like this you expect reasonably good service. I could not get an English menu at the end of the meal to order dessert even though I had the menu in my hand before ordering the meal. There were too few servers to handle the whole room and the boss lady was just leering at the staff without really helping. I don’t like the whole understaff your restaurant and then treat your people like crap attitude that seemed to be in place on this given night. It’s hard to justify returning when there are a dozen stellar yakiniku places at half the price. Of course, Blegian food is not yakiniku but I have to take excellent yakiniku over medicore Belgian. I travel to Europe often enough to satisfy the craving. I found the mussels to be properly cooked and was actually impressed with that part, for Taiwan.

dear ceevee369,

I’m Thomas and I’m one of the owners of the Belgian Beer Café. A friend of mine has drawn my attention to this conversation and as we do take seriously comments from our guests and take each one of them into account, please allow me to address those you raised in your previous posts.

I’m glad that you like our design, staff knowledge (which is taking a lot of efforts) and that we offer beer and food pairings. I couldn’t agree more with you about the chocolate mousse, which is certainly partially responsible for those extra kilos that I carry along… :wink:

On the improvements now:

  • I’m sorry to read that you didn’t like our mayonnaise, our chef makes it himself using is own recipes. Was there anything specific about it that you didn’t like? too oily? … or?
  • Fries and Mussels… Always a big concerns for any Belgian Beer café operators: of course authenticity is a major focus for us, but 10.000Kms away from belgium, you sometimes need to compromise: that’s why we opted for frozen fries, but those are Lutosa fries, imported directly from Belgium and made out of Bintje potatoes. We had been in touch with Prins&Dingemans, one of the largest Zealand mussels supplier, but unfortunately we couldn’t opt for their product because of costs reasons but mostly because of freshness. We refuse to use frozen mussels and found a good supplier in Taiwan that can provide us with the freshest sea food. I agree with you on carrot strings! I don’t like it either and have asked our chef to change this.
  • I’m also belgian, from Liège, and I’m sure that we have the same situation as you have in Ghent: for our local dish, in our case the meatballs in syrup sauce, everyone has its own recipe, which is of course the best! :slight_smile: we try to please as many people as possible, but in the end taste is suggestive. However, we’d be happy to hear more specific feedback from you during your next visit, our chef is happy to learn and improve!
  • Lunch Sets: we have lunch sets at BBC, and a special one for the moment until 15th of September: 299NT$ will get you a soft drink or coffee, a soup or a salad + one of our mains, and for 399NT* you’ll get a dessert on top of that! We believe that it is really great value. Once the promotion is over, expect even more choices of lunch sets with different prices.
  • We have also listened to our guests and have adapted some of our prices and/or revised our portions. We are redesigning our menu, Please visit us again in a couple of weeks, it should be printed by then!

I hope I have addressed your concerns and that you’ll give us a chance to serve you again, but will you resists another chocolate mousse? i can’t :slight_smile:

Dear Pilam99,

I’m really sorry to read that you had a bad experience. Trust me this will be addressed with our staff and this should not have happened. We are building our team, but it’s hard and takes time. We do strive to improve though. I really hope you can give us another chance to surprise you! Cheers

I’m so happy when owners see threads like this and replies :slight_smile: I feel obligated to give you some feedback based on my experience.

First off, I love the place, gorgeous big windows, nice seating and the wooden decor takes me back to when I was in England. Question: I did see small molds and ‘yellowy’ parts near the back of the area. But with the high ceilings I couldn’t get a closer look. You might want to check if there s a leak, or its just the wallpaper is yellowish.

The beer selection is fantastic. I love Chimay’s and that was the main reason I went there. The beer I cannot fault, but the service I question. No.1, it did not come in a proper Chimay glass, it came in a regular pint glass and no.2, I went to the restroom when we were served and found that it was already poured FOR me when I got back. I’m not a beer snob by any means, but i prefer to not have ICE cold Chimay and let it sit for 10 minutes or so before pouring. So please ask the staff to hold still in regards to pouring the beer FOR me!

In terms of food, I had the sausage and sweet potato mash. That was pretty darn good. The size was a little small for me so I also had the Brussels pate salad. The pate was crumbly. i don’t know if its a good or bad thing but there you have it. I would definitely come again especially for the lunch set. It might also be a good idea to put pictures on what i’m eating, some of the terminology is hard to imagine haha.

thanks for your feedback too hs172!

We’ll definitely check on the ceiling for sure, but I’m almost sure it’s because it’s an exposed ceiling, so the finishing touches are let’s say… a bit rough. But that’s on purpose.

Being belgian myself I do agree with you! I prefer having my Chimay a little warmer! and certainly in the proper glass. Our staff know they should only use branded glassware, but maybe there was another table drinking only chimay and all our glasses were there. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of those glasses. Normally our staff should ask guests if they should pour the beer for them or let them do it. I guess we’ll have to repeat that more and more…

I’m glad you liked the food and I’ll pass on the comments to Chef Olivier! You’re right, the lunch set at 299NT$ for the moment is really good value, especially in that area!


And yet - their gone from ATT4Fun. (and from Taiwan ?)

I won 10K on bets they wouldn’t survive. My spend money over there is earned back. Shame

Though I kind of regret that a Belgian footprint is gone, If they would have listened / read local blogs and changed dramatically the quality and price , it COULD have been a major success. I am not sad something which has nothing to do with Belgian authentic cuisine is gone.

Don’t say that “Taipei wasn’t ready for us” but confess you guys were not ready for the Taiwanese consumer’s expectations.

Providing authentic Belgian food isn’t easy because your market is Taiwan. You can provide max 20% authentic Belgian cuisine and you have to choose the dishes that local market can appreciate. Too survive you sometimes have to adjust the dishes to local taste… With finish product it is easier, because you only import/sell products (beer) taiwan market like.
For example if you sell chocolates, you will sell 80 % dark and max 20% white. In Belgian you can sell all white and the market still will buy, but if you want to survive you have to choose what local market wants. That 's the problem a lot of big companies make who enters for the first time in Asia market.

Wonder if they still have the original one near NTU?