Belgian kitchen ... Sanxia CNY 'night' market

Probably until Sunday there is the yearly huge night market in the streets of Sanxia with the high point being the ‘fat’ pig contest on Friday … all that and a visit to the Belgian eatery/cafe will make for a good day … :slight_smile:

I’m told BP will be open Thurs 4 PM till 9-10 PM,
Fri-Sun from 11:30 AM till 9-10 PM

The address is Datung Rd. 1-10, Sanxia, Taipei county

Since it took me quite some time to find the directions via the search function, I’m reposting them here to make them easier to find in the future:

3 freeway, exit Sanxia-Ingge

[quote=“Mapo Squid”]For those of you coming from Taipei, you have several bus options that will take you either near to or directly past Belgian Cafe.

The 910 bus from Xinpu is the fastest (it’s an expressway bus) – but be aware that they frequently skip the stop at Xinpu MRT because of traffic. Good luck if you decide to take it.

The 812 bus, which I believe leaves from Taipei Main Station, also goes past his place.

The 706 SANXIA ROUTE bus from DingXi exit 2 takes 45 minutes to an hour. Be aware that there is a second 706 which only goes as far as TuCheng; both types have romanized signs on the front window to differentiate. Also, I believe this bus doesn’t make the turnoff on DaTung Street but instead goes straight down Fuxing Road; you would need to know when to get off (I think the official name of the stop has something to do with an elementary school at the corner).

There is a bus from Xindian MRT (the very last MRT station on the green line) which also goes by the elementary school stop at the corner. This is an un-numbered bus going between Xindian and Sanxia. You would need to be able to recognize the Chinese characters (“san” is three, “xia” has a “shan” (mountain) radical followed by what looks like a “da” with two little hats under the horizontal stroke). This bus takes about 45 minutes[/quote]

What’s special about this night market? Aside from the pig. I would be interested in checking it out if you could tell me more.

If anyone else would like to go, then lets plan an outing. :rainbow:

It’s like once every year and big and crowded … it’s like the whole of Taiwan is decending on Sanxia this week … market, people come to pray at the old tempel and on Friday the fat pig contest … and don’t forget the one and only Belgian kitchen in Taiwan, 10 minutes walk from the market …

Forgot to mention that it’s once a year … for 6 days in a row. It started Sunday and I guess it will end this year on Sunday. But the enormous pigs will be on display only on Friday, day 6 and I was told that it will be crowded.
It’s just in front of the Tzu shi tempel near the river.